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The Digital Blue Ridge Parkway

Oral History Interview with Patty Lockamy, January 8, 2003

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Abstract At the time of this interview, Patty Lockamy had been recruited by the Blue Ridge Parkway to be the North Carolina Interpretive Specialist after being promoted through the ranks of various park services. She talks about the importance of interpretation in telling a more complete history of the region, including the effectiveness of the Parks as Classrooms program, and how the change in the organizational structure of the parkway led to a greater emphasis on interpretation. Lockamy also details threats to the parkway and the consequences that occur, like diminishing views. There is also much discussion about ongoing projects, like the Museum of North Carolina Minerals, and how new projects could lead to an evaluation of the placement of some visitor centers. She goes on to talk about commercialism along the parkway and the difficult balance between keeping a natural look to the drive and promoting local businesses. Lockamy also talks about what it is like being a woman working on the parkway, including being the first ranger to give birth.
Date January 8, 2003
Interviewee Lockamy, Patty
Interviewee occupation Interpretive specialist, chief of interpretation
Interviewee DOB Unknown
Interviewer Coyle, Philip E.
Subject Interpretive development
Visitors' centers
Museum of North Carolina Minerals