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The Digital Blue Ridge Parkway

Oral History Interview with Philip Noblitt, May 19, 2003

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Abstract At the time of this interview, Phil Noblitt had been working on the Blue Ridge Parkway for 18 years. He came to the parkway in 1987 as a district ranger, working in the Bluffs District, before becoming the park's interpretative specialist in 1990 and eventually taking the role of management assistant in 2001. Having been the parkway's interpretative specialist, Noblitt focuses on the challenges of interpreting individual sections of the parkway and speaks of the importance of focusing on underrepresented people who live on the parkway. After talking about some parkway landmarks in Virginia, including Mabry Mill and the Blue Ridge Music Center, he details the history of the Cone Estate and the arrangement between the Cone family and the Park Service.
Date May 19, 2003
Interviewee Noblitt, Philip
Interviewee occupation Interpretive specialist, management assistant
Interviewee DOB Unknown
Interviewer Coyle, Philip E.
Subject Interpretive development
Moses H. Cone Estate