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The Digital Blue Ridge Parkway

Oral History Interview with Ted Pease, October 7, 1996

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Abstract New York native Ted K. Pease began his work on the Blue Ridge Parkway in June 1938 after working in the Smoky Mountains. Pease talks about the expansion of the Blue Ridge Parkway and what tasks the landscape development crew handled. He also talks about how World War II affected work on the parkway and his dealings with conscientious objectors. Pease talks about the contractors and architects he worked with and the drafting of policies for the Park Service. He goes on to talk about some conflicts that arose with individuals over land acquisition, including the dilemma the Park Service faced regarding apple orchards and maintenance of the Cone family house. Pease talks about various other landmarks and talks about how an experiment with Master's students led to Bee Tree Creek being restocked with Brook Trout, which had exited the creek when it flooded.
Date October 7, 1996
Interviewee Pease, Ted
Interviewee occupation Landscape developer and park horticulturalist
Interviewee DOB November 21, 1909
Interviewer Mullis, Julie
Subject Landscape development
Conscientious objectors
Cone Manor House