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Oral History Interview with William Van Hoy, December 10, 1996

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Abstract As a conscientious objector, William Van Hoy came to the Civilian Public Service camp at Buck Creek Gap on June 17, 1942, after being drafted into the Selective Service. Van Hoy talks about the camp in general and gives his personal experiences at the camp. He discusses the demographics of the people in the camp, including religious affiliation, age and background. Van Hoy talks about some of his tasks, including logging, and what the men at the camp did in their free time, including nature exploration and classes. He talks about how some of the men in the camp developed relationships with the local townspeople, including providing help to the Ballou family. Van Hoy goes on to describe the living conditions at the camp, including how funds were raised to feed the men. He also talks about the agreement between the government and church group that operated the camp.
Date December 10, 1996
Interviewee Van Hoy, William
Interviewee occupation Conscientious objector, middle school teacher
Interviewee DOB January 21, 1916
Interviewer Mullis, Julie
Subject Conscientious objectors
Buck Creek Gap
Civilian Public Service