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Title Brinegar Cabin
Title Note After Restoration
Date August 22, 1975
Description Photograph shows the Brinegar Cabin and surrounding landscape after restoration, with a wood pile near the porch and a hand-laid stone path leading to the cabin itself. The cabin is located at mile post 238.5 in section 2C of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Taken by F. A. Ketterson, Jr. on August 22, 1975.
Commentary Brinegar Cabin was nominated and accepted on the National Register for Historic Places in 1972. This certainly played some part in the restoration that took place 3 years later. Moreover, from the photographs of the cabin taken in 1941, it is clear that the restoration did not accurately reflect the appearance of the cabin prior to work done by the NPS. In this photograph, we see a front entrance with a walkway that did not appear to be on the original cabin. Moreover, there has been some steps added and a comforting pile of firewood sits nearby to reflect a "lived-in" feeling. To be fair, it would be difficult to say what the cabin looked like when the Brinegars lived there, but a simple comparison between the photos from the early 1940s to those in 1975 shows that there have been substantial changes made to the structure. Considering the commercial use of the cabin, the reason, most likely, would be to make visitors more comfortable (and hence, more apt to visit and spend money at the site).
Location Location Name: Brinegar Cabin
Parkway Milepost: 238.0
Latitude: 36.4187411
Longitude: -81.1456417
Creator Individual F.A. Ketterson, Jr.
Tags Brinegar Cabin (N.C.)
Rustic cabins
Credit Courtesy National Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway