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Title Construction on Bridge #8
Date October 5, 1936
Description Photograph shows stone abutments and bridge with wooden framework under construction in section 2A of the Blue Ridge Parkway, with workers and assorted construction materials visible.
Commentary Bridge building was essential during the construction of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Due to the Parkway's design, there were limited access points from nearby roads. Whenever a road intersected with the parkway, a bridge was built to accommodate the route. Similar design plans were used during the construction of the Bronx River Parkway and Merritt Parkway. Bridges were also necessary when going over a body of water or another otherwise impassable area. This picture was taken towards the beginning of the Parkway's construction and most likely one of the initial projects undertaken by the Civilian Conservation Corp set up by President Roosevelt as one of his New Deal Programs.
Location Location Name: Section 2A
Parkway Milepost: None
Latitude: 36.496308
Longitude: -80.955864
Creator Individual W.D. Stanton
Tags Abutments
Alleghany County (N.C.)
Bridge construction
Overpass construction
Stone carving
Credit Courtesy of the North Carolina State Archives