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Title Excavation for Masonry Wall
Date November 6, 1936
Description Photograph shows narrow footpath cut into a hillside, with a stone wall and worker visible in the background in section 2M of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Commentary This wall is constructed out of stone and concrete, which is what the majority of bridges, walls, etc were constructed out of on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The designers were aiming for continuity throughout the 469 miles of the parkway and decided to utilize stone indigenous to the area surrounding the parkway. The worker pictured is most likely a participant in the Civilian Conservation Corp. The Civilian Conservation Corp which was started by President Roosevelt as a part of the New Deal legislation. The CCC employed almost 3 million young men between the ages of 18-24 and put them to work conserving and developing natural resources across the United States. By employing these young men the Roosevelt administration was hoping to reinvigorate the economy by providing tourist destinations as well as paying the workers for the effort they put forth building the destinations.
Location Location Name: Section 2M
Parkway Milepost: None
Latitude: 35.788139
Longitude: -82.167372
Creator Individual W.D. Stanton
Tags Excavation
Slope clearing
Stone carving
Credit Courtesy of the North Carolina State Archives