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Title Type #1 headwall, single
Date April 16, 1936
Description Photograph shows a stone and concrete headwall for a culvert in section 2A of the Blue Ridge Parkway, with a house and other buildings visible in the background. Taken at Station 456+75 by GWW on April 16, 1936.
Commentary This headwall was constructed out of stone and concrete, which was also used for the majority of bridges, walls, and other structures on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The designers were aiming for continuity throughout the 469 miles of road and decided to use stone indigenous to the area. Weather in the area where the Blue Ridge Parkway is located can often be rather wet. Also, the runoff from melting snow and creeks in the area produces a lot of water. In order to prevent pooling of water on the Blue Ridge Parkway, designers included culverts underneath the road to allow for water to continue to flow under the road rather than remain stagnant on the road itself.
Location Location Name: Milepost 225
Parkway Milepost: 225.0
Latitude: 36.485117
Longitude: -80.97784
Creator Individual G.W.W.
Tags Alleghany County (N.C.)
Bodies of water
Residential building
Stone carving
Credit Courtesy National Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway