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Joseph Baysmore, b. 1823
"Falling from Grace," "Baptism," and "Predestination;" Sermons by Elder Joseph Baysmore, of Weldon, N. C. to which is Added His Lecture on Humanity.
Raleigh: Edwards, Broughton, & Co., Printers and Binders, 1878.


This pamphlet, published in 1878, contains three sermons written by Joseph Baysmore and his lecture on humanity. The first sermon, "Falling From Grace," is based upon Galatians 5:4. It addresses the subject of justification. Baysmore explains that "[j]ustification is to be made free from sin and reconciled to God through the atoning merits of Jesus Christ…" This sermon calls upon Christians to be redeemed for their sins through faith in Jesus. The second sermon, "On the Subject of Baptism," is a lesson on the necessity for baptism as fulfillment of the new Covenant. Baptism is a physical commitment to Jesus Christ, and according to Baysmore's sermon, necessary for salvation. The third sermon, "On the Subject of Predestination," Baysmore teaches that Jesus' crucifixion was predestined by God as a way to restore humanity to God. Baysmore's "Lecture on Humanity" is addressed to both a white and African American audience. This lecture calls upon people to work for the good of society; for poor people to be given access to jobs and land; for schools to be established; and for people to take care of one another, for the benefit of all of society.

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