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You Were There: A Witness to History Speech

Objective: To promote historical awareness, storytelling techniques, and speech delivery.


  1. Based on your reading of a primary source, choose a particular event(s) which might be of interest to you and your audience.

  2. Give a "bird's eye view" of the event as if you were an actual witness or participant. Aim for historical accuracy and creativity in your account.

  3. The speech should be told in the first person and should be delivered in a clear voice and easy-to-understand format.

  4. You can pretend that you were either an active participant or an interested spectator.

  5. You may use a note card as you speak and should limit your speech to 3 minutes.

  10 5 0
Content Exhibits knowledge of the history, includes important facts and information. Exhibits some knowledge of the material. No historical facts included or major historical inaccuracies.
Speech Technique Delivers the speech in a clear manner. Some aspects of the delivery are unprganized or hard to understand. Displays a lack of attention to delivery of the speech.
Creativity Displays originality, creativity and thoughtfulness. Some attempts at creativity. Predictable, little creativity.