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Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
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Exploring the Greene Monument

In order to help users better understand and navigate the space of the Nathanael Greene Monument1 at the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, we created two self-guided tours: "A Detailed View of the Greene Monument" and "The Greene Monument from a Distance." Both tours have been created with Photosynth, a free service provided by Microsoft Labs that allows users to simulate three-dimensional spaces from two-dimensional photos. Navigating the Photosynth interface takes some getting used to at first. Don't be afraid to try all of the settings in the controller at the bottom of the Photosynth window and to click on the highlights (small image thumbnails) on the right-hand side of the window. These highlights will automatically orient the viewer to noteworthy images within the Photosynth. Also be sure to utilize the scroll wheel on your mouse or zoom functions on your trackpad in order to get a closer look at the synth photos. One of the benefits of using Photosynth2 is that it can handle high-resolution images and serve them relatively quickly over an internet connection, so that many of the close-up photos display a great amount of detail when magnified. If an image appears blurry at first, give Photosynth a moment and the image should load at full resolution.

For a simple pop-up description of all of Photosynth's controls, click HERE. To begin exploring, simply click on one of the windows below.

A Detailed View of the Greene Monument

The Greene Monument from a Distance


1. More information about the Greene Monument can be found here.

2. For more information about the Photosynth application and how it works, visit the Background page on