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Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
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  • Monument Name

    Jethro Sumner, Guilford Courthouse

  • Type


  • Subjects

    Revolutionary War, 1775-1783

  • City


  • County


  • Description

    This monument is a square-shaped stone structure, about 4 feet tall and bearing two inscriptions. One of which was on his gravestone erected by his daughter at his original burial place in Warren County. When the body was moved the second (and longer) inscription was created.

  • Inscription

    South face (original Inscription): To the memory / of General / JETHRO SUMNER / one of the Heroes / of 76.

    East face (added inscription): BRIG. GEN. JETHRO SUMNER / BORN IN THE YEAR 1733 / DIED MARCH 18, 1785 / COLONEL OF THE THIRD NORTH CAROLINA / CONTINENTAL TROOPS / APRIL 15, 1776 / CHARLESTON, JUNE 28, 1776 / BRANDYWINE, SEPT. 11, 1776 / GERMANTOWN, OCT. 4, 1777 / MONMOUTHH, JUNE 28, 1778 / STONO FERRY, JUNE 20, 1779 / EUTAW SPRINGS, SEPT. 8, 1781 / Spotless in character, pure in patriotism / the most eminent soldier among / the North Carolina troops. / Presented by J.H. Neese

  • Custodian

    Guilford Courthouse National Military Battlefield

  • Dedication Date

    July 4th, 1891

  • Decade


  • Geographic Coordinates

    36.131840 , -79.846940 View in Geobrowsemap pin

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  • Public Site


  • Materials & Techniques


  • Sponsors

    The original sponsor for monument was Sumner's daughter. J.P Neese sponsored the monument after it was moved to Guilford Battleground. The state of North Carolina made an appropriation for moving his body to Guilford from Warren County.

  • Monument Dedication and Unveiling

    Kemp P. Battle gave an address at the unveiling.

  • Subject Notes

    Sumner was born in Isle of Wight County in Virginia in 1733. He was a brigadier-general in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and fought under George Washington and Nathanael Greene. After the war, he is credited with creating North Carolina's chapter of the Society of the Cincinnati. He died March 18, 1785 in Warren County, North Carolina.

  • Landscape

    Monument is on the Monument Row walking trail, north of the visitor center.

  • Death Space


  • Former Locations

    Warren County until 1891. Fifty dollars was appropriated by the Legislature of North Carolina for moving Sumner's body.

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