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Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina
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  • Monument Name

    Onslow County World War I and World War II Memorial, Jacksonville

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  • Subjects

    World War I

    World War II

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  • Description

    This bronze plaque, approximately four feet by three feet, sits on the exterior wall at the entrance to the Onslow County Courthouse. It honors the sacrifice of soldiers who lost their lives in World War I and World War II. In the form of a tabernacle frame with simple classical details, the top ornament is a large bronze eagle perched on its outspread wings. Above the inscription, the plaque bears a bas-relief of the seal of the American Legion.

    Images: Plaque Located to Right of Courthouse Entrance

  • Inscription

    HONOR ROLE / IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFICE / IN WORLD WAR I AND WORLD WAR II / Albertson, J.D. / Allison, Sam H. / Banks, Leroy T. / Barlow, Raymond W. / Baysden, George A. / Bell, Jesse W. / Berry, William / Blalock, Fred K. / Brenson, Norwood E. / Binson, Ralph / Brown, Loyd A. / Bryan, James L. / Bryant, Elton / Bryant, John G. / Burton, John W., Jr. / Chadwick, Jerry M. / Cobb, Wilford G. / Cooper, Dolphus C. / Cowell, Eugene W. / Crews, William L. / Davis, Hosea W. / Ervin, William F., Jr. / Ferrell, Joseph M. / Foy, Leslie / Foy, Lloyd / Gurganus, Cecil M. / Hadnott, Cyrus H. / Hargett, Julian R. / Henderson, C.N., Jr. / Higgins, Elmer J. / Holden, Homer D. / Horne, Earl F. / Horne, Howard / Huffman, Claude J. / Humphrey, Isaac J. / Humphrey, Oliver W. / Ingram, John A. / Jones, Carl W. / Johnson, Hogan / Kellum, Barney O. / Kelly, Adolphus S. / Lancaster, Marvin E. / Marshburn, Wallace B. / McClaney, William / Meadows, Lester P. / Meadows, Percy / Meadows, William C. / Morton, Jacob B. / Morton, Marion M. / Morton, William L. / Nicholson, William G. / Parker, Ray C. / Pierce, Roland / Pennawell, Macio / Petteway, Samuel W. / Philligan, William L. / Phillips, Preston D. / Provost, Luther W. / Ramsey, Roy L. / Rhodes, James E. / Sandlin, John M. / Scott, John P. / Smith, Carl B. / Smith, Isaac D. / Stanley, Hardy / Stevens, Fred J. / Suggs, John F. / Sutton, Joe M. / Taylor, William P. / Thomas, Mike G. / Thomas, Pete / Thompson, Archie L. / Turner, Hubert / Turner, Osbern C. / Williams, Samuel / Willis, Benjamin S. / Willis, Calvin W. / Wooten, George H. / Yeoman, Nolon D. / Yopp, Harold E. /
    ERECTED MAY 30, 1949

  • Custodian

    Onslow County Courthouse

  • Dedication Date

    May 30, 1949

  • Decade


  • Geographic Coordinates

    34.751090 , -77.431280 View in Geobrowsemap pin

  • Supporting Sources

      "Honor Roll, Onslow WW I and WWII Memorial,", (accessed January 15, 2014) Link "World Wars I and II Memorial - Jacksonville, NC," (accessed January 15, 2014) Link

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  • Sponsors

    Due to the presence of the American Legion seal on the plaque, the memorial may have been sponsored by the American Legion.

  • Location

    The plaque is located on the exterior wall of the Onslow County Courthouse building a few feet to the right of the front doors. The entrance to the courthouse faces south, and the building is located on the north side of Old Bridge Street at the intersection with Court Street.

  • Landscape

    The plaque is located on the building exterior and shaded by a porch at the entrance. The Onslow County Confederate Soldiers Monument sits just a few feet away in the center of the walkway in front of the building.

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