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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Memorandum concerning the government of Barbados
No Author
Volume 01, Page 151

-------------------- page 151 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers. Vol. XX. No. 145.]


Lt. Coll. William Willoughby Deputy Govr

Coll. Henry Hawley, formerly Governr a judicious man

Thomas Wardall Esqre a grave prudent man

Coll. Robt. Hooper well beloved & a stout man

Coll. Sr. John Yeamens of good conduct & stout.

Lt. Coll. Christopher Codrington well beloved & free from faction ingenious young gentleman.

Lt. Coll. Phillip Bell well beloved & free from faction ingenious young gentleman.

William Kirton Esqre a Judge.

Sam. Barwick formerly in the King's Army & stout

Coll. Wm. Sharpe, and ingenious man & good interest.


Coll. Lewis Morris, a man of good interest & conduct & an honest man tho' a quaker.

Lt. Coll. Higgenbottome, Lt. Coll. Richd Bayly & Majr Wm. Bates, stout men & fitt for com̄and.

Some turbulent spirits questioning whether the Ld. Willoughby have power to make a deputation (submitting to yor judgment) whether it bee not requisite his Maj. pleasure be knowne therein.

Consider whether the indulging of trade during this present Warr will not bee of greate importance to support the peoples speritts.

There is aboard two Merchant shipps bound for Barbados on the King's account 2000 Muskets 1000 Pikes 200 Barrels of powder—To enforme them of the additionall supply to encourage them. Who in Barbados from Coll. Willoughby.