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Advertisement concerning the settlement of the Cape Fear area
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Volume 01, Pages 153-155


Notes is hereby given to all ingenious and industrious persons that there is a New Plantation begun 2 yeers since on the main land between

-------------------- page 154 --------------------
Virginia and the Cape of Florida at a place called Cape Feare in the Province of Carolina in the latitude of about 34 degrees. It is a climate most desirable for its temperature and fertility as those that are there have written and those lately come from thence doe testifie they have 2 crops of Indian wheate in one yeare and all graine plants and seeds that they commit to the earth do prosper exceedingly they have naturally growing abundance of most stately Timbers of most sorts in England but very many sorts not known to us as Cedar Pines Sassafras and other sweet woods Vines allso and Mulbury and Olives trees from whence come the rich commodys of wine Sylke and Oyle they have aboundance of deere Turkeys and other fowle in the woods and great store of Sturgeon Salmon and many sorts of other good eating fish both flat and round They have since planted and produced very Excellent tobacco, Indeco, Cotton and potatoes and other roots and fruits proper to Barbados Virginia and Barmoodos. The neernes to which last places makes the planting there of more easy. The Priviledges where with it is endowed makes it yet more desirable the principal wherof follows.

1st There is full and free liberty of Contience granted that those that are truly contientious may have liberty to worship God according to their owne way provided they behave themselves orderly towards the Civil Government.

2nd They shall choos from among themselves 13 persons or some other odd number whereof the Lords will appoynt for Governors and halfe of the other for the Council which Governor is to rule but 3 yeares and then learne to Obey.

3 They shall choose from among themselves an assembly (in the nature of a parliament who shall have the sole power of makeing all lawes and laying taxes when neede requires for the use of the Colony and the governors and Councill se the laws put in Execution.

4 They are to have freedom from Custom in England for all wine fruite, Currance Almonds, Oyle, Olives, and silk they can produce, for seaven yeares to comence and when 4 tuns of those comoditys are at once imported in one ship.

5 Every man and woman that transport themselves before the 24 June next being 1667 shall have for himselfe his wife and each of his children and every man servant he shall bring armed with a firelock or machlock musket statute bore with 10th powder 20th of bullett, 100 akers of land for each of them to him and his heirs for ever paying for every 1000 akers 10s per Ann to the Lords for an acknowledgement and for every woman servant and slave 50 akers

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6 Every servant at the Expiration of their service (which is 4 yeares) are to have the same quantity of land for him or herselfe, that their mrs had for bringing over and on the same condition allso the mr is bound to give them two suits of apparell and a set of tools to work with when he is out of his time.

Many desire to transport themselves thether or servants desire to be entertained they may take an opportunity of the Virginia fleet and from thence finde easy passage thether it being but 3 or 4 days sayle; and if they desire farther advise or information let them repaire to the ——