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Letter from William Willoughby, Baron Willoughby of Parham to Joseph Williamson
Willoughby of Parham, William Willoughby, Baron, ca. 1615-1673
July 09, 1667
Volume 01, Pages 158-159

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers. Vol. XXI. No. 71.]

Barbados. July 9 '67.


You that soe well understand wt belongs to a hurry of business if an oversight was committed ought to pass it by when yt you know might

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bee sayd occasioned it However receive this as a reconcileing challenge for soe I intend it And though the government of Barbados will not defray the duties due to yor office some other way must I shall not complaine till I come to state my case in earnest and then I dare appeare to my Lord Ashley. You will by the letters enclosed to Lord Arlington understand the posture of our affaires here to wch I referr you and whether warr or peace shall endeavour to make the best use I can of my time but God send us peace or two good regimts att least I thincke I have conquered this island with good words but that will not doe with Monsr

Never man was soe out in his judgment of men in Barbados as your friend Sr John Colleton who you know named one Sr John Yeamans to exceed all men for interest in this island & I buylding upon his information named him for a judge & the Assembly brought in matters of soe high a nature against him that he durst not stand the test though I offered to stand by him as far as in justice I ought By his Maties commands hither I am sent & in poynt of honor whilst the warrs last here I am fixt the place is pleasant the company good ye power greate & I hope in tyme to give a good account of all Wee had an ill brush at St Kitts, Col. Stapleton Lt Col. Cutter, Captaine Talbutt hurt and taken Brave Bellamont killed Yor freind Scott escaped who I presume will give you a trew account of the business In requital Sir John Harman hath burnt 19 or 20 greate French ships in Martinico roade Farewell

Yor affectionate friend
to serve you