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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Samuel Maverick to Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington
Maverick, Samuel
October 16, 1667
Volume 01, Page 161

-------------------- page 161 --------------------
[P. P. R. O. Colonial Papers. Vol. XXI. No. 134.]

Right Honourable

The above is a coppie of a letter sent in June, another coppie I sent with some addition by one Randall of Plymouth before wch time wee had certaine newes that Sr Robert Carr dyed in Bristoll and never got to London but hope the papers he carried came safe Since which time wee have not heard from England nor much from any other place only this. The plantations at Cape Feare are deserted, the inhabitants have since come hither, some to Virginia. Att Burmudoes there hath been such a drought as the fruites of the earth are all destroyed and in Virginia on the 23rd of August there was such a dreadfull huracana as blew up all by the rootes yt was in the ground overturned many houses and abundance of trees and drove up some vessells of burthen above high water marke many foote and about tyme they report the Lord Baltamoores sworne Governor of Virginia died. Good my Lord pardon mee for being soe troublesome I shall ever remaine Right honorable Sir

Yor most obliged
humble Servant

Oct. 16. 1667.