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Affidavit of Henry Hudson concerning the cases of Thomas Miller and John Culpeper
Hudson, Henry, ca. 1626-1682
February 16, 1680
Volume 01, Pages 289-290

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

The affadavitt of Henry Hudson aged 54 yeares or therabouts Saith

That in July 75 this deponent being att the house of one Mr Jon Jenkins in Albemarle County in Carolina did then and thier both here and see a designe Contriveing and Carrying on by Jon Culpeper Thomas Willis and the sd Jenkins wife against Mr Thomas Miller privately in

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the sd Jenkins Lodging & chamber where the sd Jenkins himselfe was sometimes drinking togeather wth the aforementioned prtyes wch designe was to lay the sd Miller undr the imputation of speaking treasonable words and did also draw in one Willm Cockin to the same who suddenly after (as was credibly reported) ran away undr horror of Conscience as appeared by severall evidences their my affedavitt in this matter more amply then att prsent I can in each circumstance recite I have alridy sworne too before ye assembly of Albemarle aforesd in March 1675-6 for wch accusation the sd Miller was Com̄itted in irons a prissoner by ye sd Jenkins and remaind a long time after a prissoner untill upon the mandate of Sr Wm Berkeley the sd Miller was in May 1676 sent prissoner into Virginia for tryall before ye sd Sr Willm Berkeley & Counsell thier where the sd Miller in the aforesd yeare was cleared and acquitted of the aforesd Imputaton as did appeare to the Deponent by a Coppy of the Order of the said Sr Willm Berkeley & Counsell dated at James Towne and attested by Mr Henry Hartwell Clark of the Counsell thier wch was brought the Deponent by the hands of Timo. Biggs Esq. Deputy for the Earle of Craven who was att that time personally prsent with ye sd Miller in Virginia as he told this deponent wch said Coppy the Deponent hath now left with his other papers in Albemarle aforesaid And further the Deponent saith that the said Miller upon his goeing for England the aforesd yeare sent order to the Deponent who was then the Atturney of the sd Miller appointed by ye Court for secureing the sd Millers estate that he should lay actions of Consperacy att the suite of the sd Miller against the said Culpeper Willis and others wch this deponent accordingly did and further this deponent saith that after the returne of the said Miller out of England into Albemarle againe in ye yeare 77 that the said Action of Consperacy upon the humble submission of the sd Culpeper by his letter and petition to ye said Miller was lett fall and further the deponent saith that the very accusation about treason now brought against the sd Miller since ye rebellion broke out in Albemarle Dec. 77 was ye very same for wch ye sd Miller was tryed & acquitted in ye yeare 76 in Virginia as aforesd and further the deponent saith Willis and Cockin the two aforesd Wittnesses against the sd Miller were run away out of the Country long before the sd Millers returne out of England and further saith not

Jurat 16o die Februarii
Anŏ Dni 1679 Coram
H. Gregory