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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of a meeting of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
December 14, 1683
Volume 01, Pages 346-347

-------------------- page 346 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Col: Ent: Book. No. 20. P. 210.]
The Earle of Craven Pt
The Duke of Albemarle
The Earle of Bathe
Sir Peter Colleton.


That a letter be forthwith drawn to Mr Seth Sothell Governor of the County of Albemarle requireing him to send hoam the names of those with whome he fild the blanks for the Lords Proprietors deputys and if any of them bee put in that had any hand in the late disturbances there that he put them out and fill the deputations sent with such as are honest men and not concerned in the said disturbances and to send the said Mr Sothell a Copie of that Article of the Instructions for the Government of Albemarle that requires the comissionating of three persons not concerned in the aforesaid Disturbances to be a Court for the tryall of such actions as shall be brought for the Injuryes done to any man by the actors in them and to require of him to certifie by the first opertunity how the said article is complyed with and if it be not what is the Reason of it and that he doe forwith with the advice of Mr Archdale choose four of the discreatest honest men of the County who were no way concerned in any of the said disturbances to be Justices of the County Court and also an able man so qualified to be sherrif of the County that there may bee a Court of impartiall persons for the tryall of all actions that have relation to the late disorders that those injured may have right done them according to Law.

2. That Mr Biggs bee required to set downe in writeing in distinct Articles wherein he hath been injured contrary to Law by Mr Sothell or any other person in office of Carolina and deliver the same to the Lords Proprietors that they may be enabled to consider what course they may speedyly take for his redress if any Injury appeares to be done him.

3. That Mr Sothell and all other Governors direct those their letters that concerne the publick of Carolina or Lords Proprietors in Generall to the Pallatine.

-------------------- page 347 --------------------

That he send a particuler of the quitt rents and other perquisits of Carolina.

That he give an account how the affair of Colonel Ludwells land stands and why it is detained from him.

That he take a prudent care for the preserveing of our bounds and other rights.

Aproved of the Bargin made by Sir Peter Colleton with Coll: Phillip Ludwell in behalfe of the Lord Proprietors for my Lady Berkeleys right to the Proprietorship that was Sir William Berkeleys for £300.

That Mr Timothy Biggs his land be confirmed to him and his wife if she consent to it otherwise to his wife only.

Memdūm̄. The said Proprietorship purchased of the Lady Berkeley widdow of Sir William Berkeley Governor of Virginia and afterwards wife of Coll: Phillip Ludwell by Sir Peter Colleton in behalfe of the four Lords Proprietors namely the Duke of Albemarle the Earl of Craven, Lord Carteret and the said Sir Peter Colleton was afterward conveyed in trust to Thomas Amy Esqre for the abovesaid four Lords Proprietors.