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Letter from William Craven to the Privy Council of England Committee for Trade and Foreign Plantations
Craven, William Craven, Earl of, 1606-1697
May 27, 1684
Volume 01, Pages 348-349

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Entry Book. Vol. 97. P. 111.]

My Lords,

I have seen what Sir Thomas Lynch hath written to your Lordships concerning the reception of Privateers at Carolina. Upon enquiry I am informed that one Jacob Hall did touch there to wood and water as he came from La Vera Cruz, but belonged not to the place, nor had no Inhabitant of Carolina with him, and stayed but a very few days, and then sayled for Virginia. Hall acted under Van Horn, who had a Commission from the French; and His Majesty's Pleasure not to suffer his subjects to take Commissions from forreign Princes not being known in Carolina is the reason I conceive he was not secured.

I never could hear but of one more that ever was there, and he not pretending to any Commission from any forreign Prince, and having taken some vessells was indicted for the same, and being found guilty was executed, and himself and two more, the most guilty of his Company hung in chains at the Entrance of the Port, and there hang to this day for an example to others, And at Providence, which Sir Thomas Lynch hath heretofore blamed for receiving Privateers, all imaginable care was taken by the Governors to suppress them, and no attempts upon the Spaniard made from those parts but at the instigation of a person commissioned by Sir Thomas Lynch to take Pyrats as your Lordships may see by the enclosed Abstract of his letters. Wee have now sent to

-------------------- page 349 --------------------
Carolina His Majesty's Proclamation for prohibiting of his subjects from entring into the service of forreign Princes, and the keeping of the neutrality, with strict order for the Observation of it, which I doubt not but will be punctually obeyed; and also the orders to pass a law suitable to that of Jamaica for the suppressing of Privateers, so that I humbly conceive your Lordships will hear no more complaints that Privateers are received in Carolina. Wee having taken all imaginable Care for the preventing of it for the future, and I am &c.


Mem.d Mr Cranfield speaks of one Pain at New Plymouth with a false Commission from Sir Thomas Lynch.

Recd the 27th May.