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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Instructions to Seth Sothell as Governor of Albemarle
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
Volume 01, Page 349

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Entry Book. No. 22. P. 33.]

We have sent you our fundamentall Constitutions as Regulated by us wch wee desire you to signe & seale & send us back two of them signed and sealed by yrselfe & that you will under your hande and seale give power to some prson to signe and seale the originall wch is under our hands and seales heare that it might be sealed by all the proprietors there being no-ones hand-writing but yors Wee have thought fitt to apoint Mr Francis Hartly to be the Secretary of Albemarle of wch you are to take notice & permitt him to Injoy the perquisits thereof. Wee here-wth send you the Kings proclamation how his subjects shall behave themselves in the prsent warr between the two neighbor Crownes wch you are publish & see punctuelly obeyed you are to take spetiall Care that due assistance be given to his matestys officers in collecting the Duty upon tobacco &c transported from Carolina to other plantations & if any officer or magistrat shall not doe his duty herein you are to displace him & put another in his room.

We wrot you the 6th of November by Collo Ludwell wch containeing matters of Importance wee herewth send the copie of it that if the originall be not come to yor hands you may by the Copie see or desires & comply wth them.

Mem the above 15 lines was aded to ye letter in 23 & 24 relating to Privateers and directed to Seth Sothell Esq. Governr of ye no: part of Carolina