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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to [Seth Sothell]
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
April 16, 1688
Volume 01, Pages 355-356

[B. P. R. O. Colonial Entry Book. No. 22. P. 139.]

Whitehall this 16th of Aprill 1688


Mr Edward Ketchmaid hath made application vnto vs setting forth that he is Nephew and next heir unto Mr George Ketchmaid of Carolina

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deceased And that his said Vncle dying Intestate and possesed of a plantation in our County of Albemarle in Carolina the right to the said Plantation is descended to him as next heir Now we shall not take upon us upon us to interpose in the decision of any mans right but leave that to ye usuall course of the Law. But think it our duty to recomend unto your care that the said Mr Edward Ketchmaid may have a fair and Equall Tryall according to ye course of ye Law there for ye said Estate. If he shall desire it And there be need thereof

Wee doe also inform you that Mr Timothy Biggs who married the widdow of the said George Kecthmaid did set forth to us that the said George Ketchmaid did by will give his plantation in Carolina to his wife And did desire us to grant our Release and Confirmation of the said Plantation unto her which we did by our deed dated ye six and twentieth day of March 1684 now our Intent in this was onely was onely to grant a Release and Confirmation of what Right we had nor could we thereby weaken or invalidate the right or title of any other pretender to the said Estate as heir at Law to the said George Ketchmaid for we could onely Release or convey what right was in us And not what was anothers.

And forasmuch as nothing can redound more to the Honor of our Government then the reputation of speedy and impartiall Administration of Justice We desire that you will give us Acct what you doe in this matter That we may upon occasion be able to vindicate ourselves And so we rest

Your very affectionate friends