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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the Perquimans Precinct Court
North Carolina. Precinct Court (Perquimans Precinct)
March 09, 1703
Volume 01, Pages 577-579

Att a Court held at the house of Captt James Cole the 9th day of March being the 2d Tuesday thereof for the prcinct of Pequimins
Captt Ralph ffletcher Esqr Justice the Peace
ffrancis fforster Esqr Justice the Peace
Captt James Cole Esqr Justice the Peace
Captt Jno Stepney Esqr Justice the Peace
Wm Bartlett Esqr Justice the Peace

William Turner and Amy his wife makes over a pattnt and all the Land therein conteyned unto James Newby and acknowledges the same in Court.

James Newby and Sarah his wife acknowledges a pattent and all ye land and appurtenances therein conteyned unto James fforster his heirs and assignes for ever.

Upon a petition of Gabriell Newby for two orphants left him by Mary Hancock the late wife of Thoms Hancocke and proveing the same by the oathes of Eliz. Steuward and her daughter the Court doe agree to bind them unto him he Ingaging & promising before the Courte to doe his endeavour to learne the boy the trade of a wheelwright and likewise give him at the expiration of his time one ear old heifer and to ye girle at her freedome one Cow and Calfe besides the Custome of the Country and has promised at ye next orphans Court to Signe Indentures for that effect.

Jno Hopkins and Sarah his wife acknowledges a tract of land unto Jno Hare Junr his heires and Assignes for ever

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Isaack Wilson and Anne his wife seales and delivers a bill of Sale for land unto Ralph Boseman and acknowledges ye same in Court and ordered to be recorded.

Eza. Albertson is Sworne Constable from the hithermost part of Litle river to the lower side of Suttons Creeke

Wm̄ JnoSon comes to prosecute his agt Mr Jno ffaukner and agrees.

Jno Anderson come to prosecute his suite agt Richd Bayliffe in a plea of the case and agrees.

David Aires not coming to prosecute his Suite agt Brient Fitzpatrick ordered that it be dismist

Mr Jno ffaukner Comes to prosecute his Suite agt Wm̄ JnoSon and agrees.

Mr Jno ffalconer comes to prosecute his Suite agt Jno Jennett the sayd Jno Jennett not appearing ordered that the Marshall bring the body of the sd Jno Jennett to ye next Court to answer the Comp'lt of the said Jno ffaulkner als Judgemt to be confirmed agt the Marshall

Ordered that the Marshall have an Attachmt agt the State of Jno Jennett Sufficient to Indemnifie the said Marshall from all damages & charges yt may arise through an order passed against him for the nonappearance of the said Jno Jennett.

Mr Jno Porter comes to prosecute his Suite agt Jno Jennett in an action of the Case and by his Subscription proves that Jno Jennett is Indebted to him two pounds one Shill and Eleaven pence and prays an order agt the Marshall.

Ordered that the Marshall bring the body of Jno Jennett to courte to answer the Complt of Mr Jno Porter als Judgemt to be confirmed agt the Marshall.

Ordered that the Marshall attach so much of the goods of Jno Jennett as will Indemnifie and Save harmelesse the sd Marshall from all damages yt may accrue by virtue of an order passed agt yt Marshall at the request of Mr Jno Porter.

Pr Grey acknowledges a deed of Sale for land unto Pr Godfrey his heires and assignes for ever ordered yt the Same be recorded

Mary Coffin acknowledges a conveyance for land unto James Anderson his heires and assignes for ever ordered that the same be recorded.

Upon a Petition of Eliz: Thiggpen makeing it appear by her Subscription that her husband James Thiggpen & herselfe attended the Court one day in behalf of Juliana Lakers and the sd Juliana Lakers refusing to pay them according to Law ordered that Juliana Lakers pay unto James Thiggpen the Summe of five shills wth Cost als Execution.

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Upon a petition of Jeane Stevens Shewing to the Court that Pr Grey did formerly attach Sundry goods in the hands of Jno Bennett viz two weeding hoes one hilling hoe one falling ax one Tomahauk one three gallon roundlett and three bushells of Corne

Ordered that Jno Bennett deliver unto Thomas Stevens the abovementioned particulars wth Cost als Execution She haveing taken oath they are justly due unto her.

Upon a Petition of Jeane Richards declareing herselfe to be a late Servt of Mr Jno Hacklefield and being now free humbly prays Corne & Cloathes as usuall She taking oath that tis Justly due unto her.

Ordered that Mr Jno Hacklefield pay unto Jeane Richds his late Servt Corne and Cloathes according as the Law in that Case provides wth Cost als execution.

Whereas upon an Information of Samll Charles agt Jeane Richds haveing a bastard child the said Jeane Richards appearing takes oath that Larence Arnold is the only father to her said Child Ordered that the said Jeane Richards receive twenty one stripes according as the act of Assembly in that case hath provided

Whereas Garrett Pursell and Wm Daviss makeing their appearance according to a Summons issued out by Captt James Cole on suspition of dishonest persons the said Garrett Pursell and Wm Davisse takes oath that the man that came in with them and parted from them Archibald Homes house was one named Jno Pettivour.