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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Order by the [Virginia Governor's Council] concerning the North Carolina/Virginia boundary
Virginia. Council
Volume 01, Page 648

[B. P. R O. B. T. Va. 58.]

Whereas this board are informed that the Surveyor of North Carolina hath lately made Diverse Surveys within the bounds of this Government and that severall of the Inhabitants of this County have been deluded by the Specious pretence of the said Surveyors and others out of a design of Creating to themselves a Title to Diverse Tracts of Land in those parts under pretence of making Entrys for the same as under the Government of Carolina, altho the said Government can't have the least Shadow of Right thereto by any thing that appears from their charter For preventing her Majestys subjects Inhabitants of this Colony from being further imposed upon. This board hath thought fitt to publish & declare that as they Conceive her Majesty hath Right to all the Lands lying on this side of Weyanook Creek the utmost boundary of the Propriaty of Carolina, and therefore all such persons as have made any Entrys or Surveys or taken any patents from the Government of Carolina for any Lands on the Nottoway or Meherine Rivers or to the Northward of the said Weyanoak Creek are not to expect any benefit therby but that whenever the divideing Line between this Government and Carolina shall be run and Leave given for takeing up the Lands in those parts, all such Entrys will be so far from giving them any preference that such persons as have taken the same will rather be excluded from the benefit thereof as having justly forfeited the favour of the Government by Disclaiming as far as in them lyes her Majestys Title to those Lands and ordered that Publication hereof be made in all Churches Chappells or Courthouses on the South side James River and that the Respective Sheriffs take care the same be done Accordingly.