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Minutes of the Vestry of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct
St. Paul's Parish (Chowan Precinct)
May 05, 1708
Volume 01, Pages 679-680

[From the Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct.]

At a Vestry met at the Chappel on Wednesday the 5th day of May 1708.
Present. Church wardens.
Wm Duckenfield Esq Church Warden.
Edward Moseley Esq Church Warden.
Capt Thomas Luten Church Warden.
Mr Wm Banbury Church Warden.
Mr Wm Charlton Church Warden.
Mr John Pruden Church Warden.
Mr John Blount Church Warden.
-------------------- page 680 --------------------

In observance to a late act of Assembly entitled an act for electing Vestrys the said act being first read the Vestry made choice of the Reverend Mr William Gorden the Honoble presidents approbation being signified to officiate in this precinct as a minister of the gospel. It having this Day been signified to the Vestry that the Honoble Thomas Pollock declines the Office of a church Warden.

Ordered that Mr Nicholas Crisp officiate in his Room, and that the Honoble Coll Thomas Pollock pay his fine as appointed by the act. Mr William Walston having this day brought in his account for the Interment of Elinor Kirkhum and demanding thirty shillings for his trouble and charge therein, being thought a reasonable demand, is therefore allowed the same to be paid by the publick.

It is ordered that a full Vestry pay their attendance at the Chapel on tuesday the 11th of this month for the further settling of matters relating to the church.