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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from James Adams to John Chamberlain
Adams, James
June 10, 1708
Volume 01, Pages 681-682

[From N. C. Letter Book. S. P. G.]

Va., 10 June, 1708.


Mr. Gordon and I, by the good providence of God, got safe to Virginia the last day of March, from whence we went into North Carolina, and addressed ourselves to the president of the council, who received us with all respect and civility.

The country is divided into four large precincts, besides a large tract of land called Pamplico, divided into three precincts more. I am by the president and council appointed to settle in the precinct called Pascotank, and to take what care I can of the adjacent precinct of Caratauk [Curratuck] beside. There is no church in Pascotank; but the people, upon my being ordered among them, have resolved forthwith to build a church and two chapels of ease, the precinct being of too great an extent to meet all at one or two places. I have been twice among the people of Caratauk precinct, but could not call a vestry, some of their leading men being out of the country, and the rest unwilling to go about any church affairs till their return. I cannot propose to make them so frequent visits as the faithful discharge of my duty requires, till the extremity of the heat abates a little, which now keeps me from undertaking long and tedious journeys.

-------------------- page 682 --------------------

Each precinct, by Act of Assembly, allows a minister that resides among them to the value of £30, in the produce of the country, which is equivalent to £10 or £15 sterling. I found by the pious care of our new president, the posture of affairs, as to matter of religion, in a much better condition than might have been expected in a place so destitute of means. I have preached some preparatory sermons to the Lord's Supper, and find many of the people well inclined to receive the sacrament. I hope to be able to give a better account of the country and people by the London fleet. I could not get my goods to Carolina when I first arrived, but am come up again to Virginia to carry them down, and to set out from hence again (God willing) next morning for Carolina (blessed be God), in very good health; and hope the Almighty will enable me in some measure to answer the pious design of so many good men, which shall be the sincere and faithful endeavor of, sir,

Your most obedient and humble servant,