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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from James Adams to John Chamberlain
Adams, James
March 27, 1710
Volume 01, Page 722

-------------------- page 722 --------------------
[From North Carolina Letter Book. S. P. G.]

Caratauk, March 27, 1710.


In my last I gave you a large account of the sad disorder and confusion of our country, and till authority interposes we are likely to continue in the same deplorable condition. We have long expected our new governor, but now begin to despair of his coming. I have taken particular care to write over, according to my instructions, but have not heard from the society since my arrival in America, which makes me very uneasy, not knowing whether or not my letters have got to your hands. Nothing but my true concern for so many poor souls, scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd, and my duty to those good men who repose this trust in me, could have prevailed on me to stay in so barbarous and disorderly a place as this now is, where I have undergone a world of trouble and misery both in body and mind. Had the government continued as Mr. Gordon and I found it, I doubt not but I should have been able to have given a very successful account of my mission; but as long as things continue as they are, I can scarcely have hopes of making proselytes and gaining over that number which, if backed by authority, I, by the grace of God, might probably have done. I have met with so many discouragements (of which my not hearing from you is none of the least), that I intend (please God) next summer or fall, as a passage shall offer, to embark for Great Britain, and shall, I hope, produce such testimonies of my endeavors and behavior in every respect, as shall satisfy you all well of my diligence and fidelity.

We have in this parish of Caratauk five hundred and thirty-nine souls, whereof ninety-seven are negroes, one Quaker, and five or six of no professed religion; the rest all join with me in our Church service. I have baptized, this last year, thirty-five children between the precincts of Caratauk and Pascotank, and some of Perquimmins. I administered the Lord's Supper Christmas last, and had twenty-seven communicants.

I am, with all respects, sir, yours, etc.,