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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the Virginia Governor's Council
Virginia. Council
February 20, 1712
Volume 01, Pages 836-837

-------------------- page 836 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. B. T. Virginia. Vol. 58.—Extracts.]

At a Council held at the Capitol the 20th day of February 1711 (-12.)

On reading at this Board a petition of the Inhabitants of Neuse River in North Carolina representing the deplorable State to which they are reduced by the Indian Enemy their houses and plantations burnt; their Stocks destroyed and they forced to betake themselves to Garrisons for their defence where they will soon be in danger of starving for want of necessarys and unable to defend themselves without speedy succour of men, arms and Ammunition, and praying Relief therein from this Government, The Council taking the said petition into consideration are of Opinion that if the Treaty made with the Tuscaruro Indians take effect, The petitioners will be relieved without other assistance from this Government which cannot well be afforded at present by reason of the low state of the publick Revenue That since the time for the execution of the said Treaty on the part of the Tuscaruros is so near The Governor of North Carolina be exhorted to assist the petrs with provisions and ammunition to defend their Garrisons till the Event of the said Treaty and that in order to encourage the petitioners to defend themselves a Copy of the said Treaty be sent to the Commanders of the Garrisons in Neuse that they may see what care this Government hath already taken for their Relief and to assure them that further measures will speedily be entered into for quickening the Tuscaruros to perform their engagements, and Mr Farguson and Mr Graves who were deputed by the Inhabitants of Neuse to present the aforesaid petition were called in and acquainted with these Resolutions.

For the better discovery of what preparations the Tuscaruros are making towards executing their part of the Treaty concluded with them It is the opinion of this Board and accordingly Ordered that Mr Peter Poythres be forthwith despatched to the said Indians. That he be allowed to carry with him one horse load of tradeing goods (arms and ammunition excepted) and upon his arrival there give the Indians to understand that the said goods are sent by this Government in pursuance of the treaty to be applyed towards the payment of any Charges they have been at in

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redeeming the English Captives or for dischargeing the Rewards promised them for such heads of the Indians Enemy as it is expected they have by this time obtained according to their engagements and that if the said Indians have either obtained any of the English Captives or cutt off any of the enemy, he do accordingly deliver the said goods in satisfaction of the rewards promised them but if not that he have leave to dispose of the said goods for his own benefite. That he have directions to make the strictest examination he can into the designs of the said Tuscaruro Indians, that this Government may be the better able to judge whether they are to be confided in; and that the said Poythres may be the more encouraged to undertake this Journey It is Ordered that upon his Return he be paid for the same and for his former Services out of her Majestys Revenue and that he be then paid for what goods he shall deliver to the said Indians in pursuance of the aforesaid Treaty.