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Minutes of the Vestry of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct
St. Paul's Parish (Chowan Precinct)
February 06, 1713
Volume 02, Pages 10-12

[From the Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct.]

At a vestry held at the Honoble Thomas Pollock's Esqr president at his house on the West Shore in the precinct of Chowan in the province of North Carolina. Febry ye 6th 1712-13

It was then ordered that in pursuance of an act of Assembly dated March ye 12th 1710 and likewise by an Order of Vestry met at the House

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of the Honoble Edward Hyde Esqr president dated December ye 18th 1711 appointing the Collection of forty five pounds with the Charge of Collecting the said sum to be paid to the Reverend Mr John Urmston. Missionary.

These are therefore to impower you John Hardy to collect and receive of every Tythable person in the precinct of Chowan twenty pence in the Staple Commodities of the country, and to lodge the same in places convenient upon the Water, giving the said Mr Urmston Notice. and order to receive it and for the so doing you shall receive fifteen pr Cent out of the said Collection Given under our Hands this 6th Day of Febry 1712-13.

Ordered upon Complaint of Mr Thomas Lee that Mr Edwd Moseley had bought of him the said Thomas Lee. fourteen hundred feet of plank on pretence of laying a Floor and repairing the Church on the North Shore in this precinct, and now refused to pay for the same, and therefore upon Application made, t'was then to be entred in the Vestry Book that We the Vestrymen for the said precinct are of opinion the said Mr Moseley is indebted and obliged to pay for the same and not the parish there appearing no order of Vestry for the purchase of the said plank, neither hath it been applyed as pretended, but is wasted or destroyed and rendered useless.

That Mr Edward Moseley refund the three pounds, received of the Vestry on Account of Richard Booth to the Church Wardens for this year. the same appearing not due to the said Richard Booth.

That Mr John Bird and Mr Samuel Patchet be and are hereby chosen and appointed to be Church Wardens of this precinct for the year ensuing.

Ordered that Thomas Wess be Clerk of the Vestry and be allowed as formerly.

Ordered that the Church Wardens for the year ensuing demand of the Executor of Mr Robert Fendall deceed twelve pounds which the said Robert Fendall collected for the use of this precinct, and in Case of Refusal to Sue him for the Same.

That the Bible now in the Custody of Mr Nicholas Crisp be delivered to Majr Thoms Luten. he obliging himself to see it forth-coming. The Gift of the Honoble Society de propogandâ &c by the Reverend Mr Urmston.

That the Bible now in the Custody of Mr Thomas Lee be delivered to the Vestry when demanded.

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That the Standard of Weights and Measures is committed into the Custody of Mr Thomas Peterson and that he demand and receive the same wherever they be and that the said Mr Thomas Peterson give an account thereof to the next Vestry.

That Capt Robert West and Capt David Henderson be and are hereby chosen Vestrymen in the room of the Honble Edward Hyde Esqr our late Govr and Mr John Walker deceed—

That Mr Thomas Peterson and Mr Thomas Lee do Sue Mr Edward Moseley pursuant to a former Order of Vestry for the money in his Hands which was given for the purchase of Church plate.