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Minutes of the Virginia Governor's Council [Extract]
Virginia. Council
March 05, 1713
Volume 02, Pages 22-23

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Virginia. Vol. 58.—Extracts.]

At a Council held at the Capitol
the 5th day of March 1713.

The Governor having this day laid before the Council the several Letters that have passed between him and Colonel Pollock President of North Carolina in relation to the assisting that Province as far as the money given by the late General Assembly here would permitt and also communicating to this Board the subject matter of a conference held at South Key which was intended and desired by the Governor in order to concert proper measures for expending that small supply in the best manner for carrying on the service against the Indian Enemy but that upon Colonels Pollocks failing to meet and giving no authority to the agents sent by him to enter into any engagements or make any overtures on the part of that Government and their expressly refusing to furnish provisions for any Forces to be sent from hence to their assistance notwithstanding the engagements of their Assembly to supply such provisions together with the charge of Transportation of the Forces. The Governor was pleased to acquaint this Board that he did not think it advisable to proceed any

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further in levying Forces to be sent to the assistance of Carolina since the Fund given by the Assembly of Virginia is insufficient to furnish the pay and provisions of such a number of men as can in prudence be ventured to attack the Tuscaruro Towns and thereupon desiring the advice of this Board what further Methods can be taken either for assisting Carolina or for defending our own Frontiers since the Indians have lately committed three several murders on the Frontier Inhabitants of this Colony. Upon consideration of all which the Council are unanimously of Opinion that since the Government of North Carolina have contrary to their Engagements refused to furnish provisions for any Forces that should be sent from hence to their assistance especially when by their conjunction with the Forces sent into [from] South Carolina it might have been hoped a speedy end would have been put to the War. It is in vain to depend any longer on the Engagements of the Government nor is it practicable with so small a Fund to pay and subsist such a body of men as is necessary to attack with effect such a numerous Enemy as the Tuscaruros are. And therefore all this Government can do under the present circumstances is to defend the Frontiers of this Colony against the incursions of the said Tuscaruros and to prevent their obtaining any subsistance by their hunting on our Frontiers while the South Carolina Indians are attacking them on the other side.

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: The date for this document could be 1714, but the "double-dating" convention is not used (showing "1713/14"). In addition, this document is preceded and followed by other documents from 1713.