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Letter from Alexander Spotswood to the Board of Trade of Great Britain [Extract]
Spotswood, Alexander, 1676-1740
July 20, 1714
Volume 02, Pages 134-135

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Virginia. Vol. 13. O. 169.—Extract.]

July the 20th 1714

My Lords

Your Lordships will recieve together with the Duplicate of the Laws and Journals of the last Assembly the proceedings of the Council and proclamations since my last letter upon which I shall only give your Lordps the trouble of one Remark that finding the Government of Carolina continue to make surveys within and even beyond the contraverted bounds and that on their encouragement great numbers of loose and disorderly people daily flocked thither who would be restrained by no orders from trading with the Indians I proposed to that Government

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the running both the lines in dispute, and removing all persons that had settled between those Boundary as being seated there without any lawfull authority : and because it would be most convenient that each Government should be at the expense of running that Line next to its own Inhabitants, I undertook the running that Boundary next to Virginia which the Proprietors claimed, at the charge of this Government provided they would be at the charge of running the other claimed by Her Majesty : but tho (in pursuance of the resolution of the Council in that matter the 30th of March last) I have already performed my part the President of Carolina alledging for his excuse the expectation of a new Governor did not think fitt to take any measure for performing them I have since seen Mr Eden who is appointed Governor of that Province and find that he has no manner of Instruction from the Proprietors concerning the Boundarys : and as to the Proposal of marking out the Southern Boundary he has delayed giving me an Answer until upon consulting with his council he shall inform himself of the nature of that dispute If he should likewise refuse, I have determined to run that line also as soon as the woods are practicable and then to remove all the People seated within those contraverted bound which will be the most effectual way to bring that dispute to a speedy determination, it being now the Interest of that Government to delay it since by disposing of the land and receiving the Quitrents they reap the same advantage, as if it were actually adjudged to be their property and so unfair hath Mr Moseley and the other Surveyors of that Province been that tho they pretend no further than a West line from the mouth of Nottoway River, yet upon making out that Line I find severall people seated even to the Northward of it who had their Lands by Carolina Patents

* * * * * *
My Lords
Your Lordps
Most Dutifull and
Most Obedient
Humble Servant