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Letter from Thomas Pollock
Pollock, Thomas, 1654-1722
July 08, 1717
Volume 02, Pages 288-289

[From Pollock's Letter Book.]

July 8th 1717

Hond Sir

This day King Blounts son came in here, sent in by his father to me that I might acquaint you that two of his men lately discovrd beyond Catchne Creek about twenty strange Indians, and judges they are coming either upon him or the English; and would disire your Honor to take some care of the people at pamplico and Neuse. And likewise King

-------------------- page 289 --------------------
Blount desires to acquaint you that he is daily expectation of the Saras and other Indians falling upon him, they having lately taken one of his men.

Albeit there is no great certainty in the Indian News, yet I thought it proper to acquaint you now therewith, that you may take such order for the security of the people at Pamplico and Neuse as you shall think necessary, by giving the people notice to be in readiness, and to have a care of themselves, until further news may be heard, or by what other methods you think most convenient: and also that you send in here what orders you think necessary in case the Indians fall upon Blount, unless you think it time enough when you come into the General Court or the next Council.

Blounts son likewise inquired of me if I had not heard that the Sarah Indians had killed nine or ten of the Verginia traders, and taken their goods, which he says was reported by one of them that escaped. I am in great hope if there be a general Court, to have the happiness to see your Honor, and should be glad if Mr Henman could, be in two or three days at least before the court. I have no more to add but that I am most sincerely Your Honor's