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Letter from Thomas Pollock to Charles Eden
Pollock, Thomas, 1654-1722
February 16, 1718
Volume 02, Pages 297-298

[From Pollock's Letter Book.]

February 16th 171⅞

Hond Sir

Yours of the 4th instant came to hand the 10th and Capt Jones had been over here the day before with two proclamations for liberty of exporting grain. He had received them from Mr Ash. We were both of

-------------------- page 298 --------------------
opinion it might be time enough to consider the same at the meeting of the Council next month. I question not but that Col. Gaile will represent matters against your Honor and those of the Council in the blackest characters he can, and that he will want no assistance his party can afford him; as clearly appears by what was done last assembly in his favor, (if I be rightly informed.) But the best of it is they have nothing (that I know of) that is material to alledge either against your Honor or any of the council; and the Lords Proprietors have been of late years so imposed upon and troubled with idle complaints, that I am much persuaded they will take little notice of what he or any of his party can alledge. As for Col. Brice Major Handcock, and Captain Stones offer of bringing these skulking enemy Indians in alive or dead; it seems very strange and unaccountable to me, that their own lives, their wives families and estates being in danger all this time, and could not do it, and that now out of the hopes of a small matter of profit, pretend to do it. This gives me some thought of what might be the occasion of their coolness and slighting of Blounts Indians that went in to help them. And then the beginning of our Indian war, and so the chief cause of the continuance of it until now, so as I apprehend, hath proceeded from Neuse; and all that I doubt instead of endiug our war, they may be the occasion of beginning another greater and worse——. However, I should be better satisfied if I understood the scheme by them laid to do it, and who is to be their partizans and your Honor may be assured that in case these enemy Indians were taken or killed, so that peace were fully restored to the country, I should not be wanting of contributing my full part to those that would do so much good to the country.

There being no news of moment here, have no more to add, but that I sincerely am &c