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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
August 03, 1725 - August 24, 1725
Volume 02, Pages 569-571

[Council Journal.]

North Carolina—ss.
At a Council held at the Council Chamber in Edenton the 3d day of August Anno Dom̄ 1725

The Honoble Sir Richd Everard Bart Govr &c
E. Gale Member of the Council
J Lovick Member of the Council
R Sanderson Member of the Council
Thos Harvey Member of the Council
Henry Clayton Members of the Council

Robert West Esqr appointed by the true and absolute Lords Proprietors of Carolina in the Honoble the Govrs Instructions a Member of the Council of this Province appeared and took and subscribed the several Oaths by Law appointed for the Qualification of Publick Officers together with the Test and his place at the Board accordingly King

-------------------- page 570 --------------------
Blount Cheif man of the Tuskororoes Indians appearing up on notice given him to shew Reasons why he detained an Indian Slave named March now belonging to Mr. Francis Pugh and it being demanded why he did not bring in the said Slave He gave for Answer that the said slave was gone quite away from his Towne with the Sennecca Indians but assures this Board that he will secure the said slave named March the first time he can light on him and bring him in to answer the said Complaint and submit to the Judgment of this Board

A Caveat being entered against Lres Testary being granted upon the will of John Jones dec̄ed which having been argued Ordered that the exceptions against the said will be put in Writing and filed in the Secretary Office within a month from this day and that Eliza —— who hath the estate in her possession for bear to waste the same in the mean time

Ordered that a New Commission of the Peace Issue for Bertie prect directed to Thomas Pollock Esqr Barnaby Mackinne Thomas Lovick George Winn Jas Castellaw Thos Bryan John Holbrook John Dew James Boon Edwd Howard Henry Spellar, and John Spann

Ordered That a new commission of the Peace Issue for Beaufort and Hyde Precints directed to James Leigh Robt Turner Robert Peyton Gyles Shutt Samuel Slade John Martin and Simon Aberson Joshua Porter —— Worsley Gent

By order

[Council Journal.]

North Carolina—ss.
At a Council held at the Council Chamber in Edenton the 24 day of August Anno Domini 1725
The Honoble Sir Richd Everard Bart Govr &c
C Gale Esqr Member of the Council
J Lovick Esqr Member of the Council
E Moseley Esqr Member of the Council
Thos Pollock Esqr Member of the Council
Robt West Esqr Member of the Council
Thos Harvey Esqr Member of the Council

The Governor having Laid before this Board several Complaints that was made to him by divers of the Inhabitants of Roanoake River against the Indians and of the apprehension they are under from the Northern Indians who are dayly making Inroad upon the Inhabitants and threatning them with Warr And that the sd Indians (as they are Informed)

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are making Forts within two days march of their settlement to annoy the English Which being considered of.

It is Ordered That Colonel Robert West be desired to pitch upon some proper person and Give him directions to take with him some white men and Two or Three Trusty Indians to go out upon discovery of the said Indians and the Forts and that they Endeavour to get Speech with the said Indians and enquire into the Reasons of their making such forts and what their business is and thereupon he immediately make report of his proceedings in writing and of the Grounds of these reports & sumises to the Governor or to Col West so that such further Orders might be given as should be Judged Necessary.

Major Thomas Lutons Petition being read Mr Pollock who was made a party to the same desired time to answer it which was granted him to the Council Sitting in October next.

By order