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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
November 03, 1728
Volume 02, Pages 817-818

[Council Journal.]

North Carolina—ss.
At a Council held at the Council Chamber in Edenton the 3d day of November Anno Dom 1728
The Honoble Sir Richard Everard Bart Govr &c
William Reed Esqr Member of the Council
Chris Gale Esqr Member of the Council
J Lovick Esqr Member of the Council
E Moseley Esqr Member of the Council
T Pollock Esqr Member of the Council
T Harvey Esqr Member of the Council
R West Esqr Member of the Council
E Gale Esqr Member of the Council
J Worley Esqr Member of the Council

In the Case concerning the Paper produced to this Board at their last Setting as the Will and Testament of Elizabeth Pricklove dec̄ed Ordered that the Persons Sumoned to attend be Examined therein and the Debate lye till ye next Board

Mr Chief Justice Gale Informing this Board that several Indictments had laine before the General Court for a Considerable time against the following Persons Vizt

Dom Rex Vs Burrington
Idem Vs Burrington & Harnet
Idem Vs Lewis Junr
Idem Vs Oldner
Idem Vs Porter
Idem Vs Blount
Idem Vs Arkill
Presentmt Vs Worley
Idem Vs Colding

Ordered That the Attorney General Enter a Noli Prosequi against the said Prosecutions

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The Petition of Cook agt Mr Thomas Bryant was this day Read and referred to the next Board

Ordered that a Summons Issue for Mr Bryant to appear.

Pough vs Whitehead Continued by Consent till next Board

Ordered that Members of the Genl Court do hold a Special Court at Edenton the——for the Tryall of Several Persons now in Edenton Goal for ffelony and Burglary

The question being put whither the Asembly should be further Prorogued to the first Tuesday in April which was carryed in the affirmative

Ordered that a Proclamation Issue accordingly

Ordered that a new Comission of the peace Issue for the Precinct of Pasquotank in which com̄ission the persons following Vizt——shall be placed according to the time that they were severally first appointed Justices and that to prevent any Confusion in the Placeing them in the Com̄ission each party be Sumoned to attend at the next Court to Shew the time of their being first appointed Justices and it is desired that Mr President and Col Palin or either of them Do see this order observed and it is further Directed that all the members Excepting the Two Last in Comission be of the Quorum

Ordered that a New Comission Issue for Bertie Precinct directed to the old members Isaac Hill James Castellaw John Bonde, Lawrence Sarson and Mr James Lockhart

Ordered a new Com̄ission of the Peace Issue for Curratuck Directed to the old Members and Moses Linton Francis Moss Christopher Merchant Cornelius Jones and Ralf Mathan

Ordered that the Precinct Court of Curratuck be for the future held on the first Tuesdays in the months of January April July & October and that the precinct Courts of Pasquotank be held on the Second Teusday in the months of Janry April July & October the precinct Courts of Perquimons to be held on the Third Mondays in the months of Janry April July and October and that the Courts for Chowan precinct be on the third Thursday in the aforesd month of Janry April July and October next.