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Memorandum from the Board of Trade of Great Britain to George II, King of Great Britain concerning instructions to the Governors of North and South Carolina
Great Britain. Board of Trade
August 13, 1730
Volume 03, Pages 87-88

-------------------- page 87 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 21. P. 33.]

To the King's most Excellent Majesty.

May it please Your Majesty,

In obedience to Your Maj. commands signified to us by a letter from his Grace the Duke of Newcastle one of his Maj. principal Secretaries of State dated the 7th of Janry last We have prepared the Draught of General Instructions and of those which particularly relate to the Acts of Trade & Navigation for George Burrington Esqre whom Your Maj. has been pleased to appoint Governor of the Province of North Carolina which Instructions we have made agreeable to those given to Your Maj. other Governors in America and more particularly to those lately prepared for Col. Johnson Your Maj Govr of South Carolina so far as they are applicable to the circumstances of this Province taking notice in this Report of such alterations as have been made therein.

In the 1st Article we have inserted the names of twelve persons who have been recommended to us as fitly qualified to serve Your Maj. in the Council of this Province and have added to them the Surveyor General of Your Maj customs in the south part of America for the time being Your Maj. by your Order in Council of 26 March 1729 having been pleased to approve of a proposal made by this Board for appointing him a Member of every Council in those Governments within his district which the Board conceived to be for Your Maj. service

We have inserted the 19th Article to the same purpose as that in Col. Johnson's Instructions for remitting Your Maj. share of the arrears of quit rents and as they are for the future to be paid in Proclamac̄on money We take leave humbly to propose that all salaries and fees payable in the several offices there be likewise paid in Proclamac̄on money and we have added some words to the end of this article to that purpose.

We have inserted the 41st Article directing the Governor to examine into several complaints of a very high nature made against Sir Richard Everard late Deputy Governor of this Province by the Council as likewise into the complaints made by the said Sir Richard Everard against the Council and others and to report his proceedings thereupon.

We have added the following words to the 42nd Instruction Viz: You are likewise to enquire whether any Grants of land have been made in

-------------------- page 88 --------------------
No. Carolina and to whom without authority from us since we purchased the interest of seven of the Proprietors of that Province which was on the second day of July 1729 that we may give such orders therein as shall be thought convenient for our service being informed that Sir Richard Everard Deputy Governor for the late Lords Proprietors in North Carolina hath taken upon him to make several large Grants of land in that Province since Your Maj. purchased seven eighth parts thereof.

At the end of the 59th Instruction we have added the words unless by the laws of the Province there are other fees for the like services already establishd having reason to believe there may be fees already settled there by law.

All the other Articles in these Instructions are the same with those proposed by this Board for Col. Johnson Your Maj. Governor of South Carolina

All which is most humbly submitted

Whitehall 13th Augt 1730.