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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Address by the North Carolina General Assembly to George II, King of Great Britain
North Carolina. General Assembly
May 22, 1731
Volume 03, Pages 137-138

[B. P. R. O. Am: & W: Ind: Vol. 22. p. 12.]

To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty

The Humble Address of the General Assembly of Your Majesty's Province of North Carolina.

Most Gracious Sovereign

We your Majesty's most Dutiful and Loyal Subjects the Representatives of the People of this your Province now met in General Assembly with Chearfulness lay hold of this Opportunity on our first meeting after the Publication of your Majesty's purchase of the Sovereignty of this Province; to acknowledge with the Profoundest Gratitude the many

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Blessings we enjoy under your Auspicious and Happy Reign. It is with the greatest Pleasure we observe your Majesty and our Gracious Queen Caroline always Intent on Promoting the Happiness of all your People; and although we are so remote from your Royal Presence, we find ourselves Nevertheless the subject of your Fatherly Care and Concern.

We are in Duty bound to acknowledge as a particular mark of your Indulgence the placing over us His Excellency George Burrington Esqre Captain General and Commander in Chief of this your Province, a Person who by his Behaviour during the time he governed this Province for the Lords Proprietors rendred himself very agreable to the People by the Great Care he then shewed in his due Administration of Justice and in promoting the wellfare of this Province; on which occasion his Indefatigable Industry and the Hardships he underwent in carrying on the Settlement at Cape Fear deserves our thankful Remembrance.

The Governour having laid before us several of your Majesty's Instructions relating to this Province, we think it our Duty thankfully to acknowledge your Majesty's great clemency and Goodness expressed in those Instructions toward the people of this your Province, and as some of them do necessarily require that your Majesty should be informed of the State and Condition of this Country, we have directed a Committee to transmit a true State thereof unto his Grace the Duke of Newcastle one of your Majesty's principal Secretarys of State, and to the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations.

That the Life of your Majesty our Gracious Queen may be Long, Your Reign Happy, and the Succession of your Throne Perpetuated in the Most Illustrious House of Hanover to the latest Ages are the Prayers of your Majesty's

Most Dutiful Most Loyal and Most Obedt Subjects
E. MOSELEY. Speaker.

By Order of the General Assembly.


Address of the General Assembly of North Carolina. in the Speaker of the Assembly's Letter of May 22d 1731.