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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Petition from the inhabitants of Albemarle County concerning Virginia tobacco importation laws
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Volume 03, Page 196

-------------------- page 196 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 8. A. 11.]

The case of the Inhabitants of the County of Albemarle in North Carolina bordering upon his Majestys Colony of Virginia humbly submitted to the Right Honorable the Lords Comrs of Trade and Plantation


That they haveing for many years been planters of Tobco and by that produce subsisted and provided their family with all kinds of European Good &c they are now by a Law made in Virginia Ao Dom 1726 prohibited the benefit of carrying the same to Virginia in order to be shipt of for Great Brittain as formerly accustomed to the Great Impoverishing of the sd familys and now particularly of such who by the late running of the line betwixt the two Governments have been taken out of the province of Virginia into North Carolina and whose lands are scarce capable by reason of their situation of any other Improvemt That the Inletts to that part of North Carolina are not capable of receiving vessels of Burthen fitt for the Transporting of Tobacco from thence to Great Brittain so that unless relieved by the favourable Representation of ye Lordships to his most sacred Majesty for Repeal of that Law (wch is humbly conceived to be not only Detrimental to his Majestys Revenue but directly contrary to the acts of Trade) Many of the sd Inhabitants (being chiefly very poor people) are in danger of being reduced to the Extremest poverty and must either be obliged to quit their plantations or fall upon such usefull Manufactorys for their necessary Cloathing &c as will prevent the sale of considerable quantitys of European Goods and consequently be prejudicial to the Trade of Great Britain.