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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from George Burrington to Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of Newcastle
Burrington, George, 1680-1759
September 17, 1734
Volume 03, Pages 626-627

[B. P. R. O. Am: & W. Ind: Vol. 23. P. 286.]

No: Carolina the 17th of September 1734.

My Lord Duke

Last year Mr Fury gave me intelligence, that his Majesty had appointed a new Governour for this Province, impatiently I expected his comeing (being very desirous to be rid of my charge) and notwithstanding the horrible villainys, Rice, Smith and Montgomery had carried on against me, in this Country, and in England, I refrained from giveing them disturbance, or molesting them in any respect, onely hopeing by our your Grace's Justice and goodness that when I returned to England an examination of my conduct and behavior, and theirs might be obtained, but these wicked men in defiance of Law, reason and my authority as Governour, have lately been guilty off, and committed the most impudent actions and crimes, an account of some of them (after due examination) shall be incerted in the next Council Journals. I have been necessitated, for the preservation of my own life, and peace of this Countrey to suspend Mr Rice the Secretary, from his place in the Council.

May it please your Grace I hope speedily to receive the King's leave for comeing home the affairs of this Province will prove difficult to the Lords of Trade without my assistance I am humbly of opinion it would be for his Majestys service if the Board of Trade stayed till my return before they make the alterations in the Instructions that are requisite for the proper regulation of Government in North Carolina.

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There lives not a man who honours the Duke of Newcastle or has a more entire submission to his will and pleasure then

His Grace's most humble and most devoted servant