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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
July 24, 1734 - November 06, 1734
Volume 03, Pages 630-632

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Journals. Vol. 44. P. 129.]

Whitehall. Thursday Augt 1st 1734

At a Meetg of H. M. Comrs for Trade & Plants

Mr Docminique.
Mr Pelham
Mr Bladen.
Sir Ar. Croft.

The following letters from Captain Burrington Govr of North Carolina were read and the papers therein referr'd to were laid before the Board, vizt

Letter from Capt. Burrington dated 20th Feby 173½ with

Minutes of Council of 26 July 1731 to 22 Janry 173½

Letter from Capt. Burrington to the Secry dated 27th May 1732.

Letter from Capt. Burrington to the Secry dated 2 Novr 1732

Letter from Capt. Burrington dated 14 Novr 1732

Letter from him dated May 19th 1733 containing a state of that Government

Letter from Capt. Burrington dated 5 Oct. 1733

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Letter from Capt. Burrington dated 12 Nov. 1733 giving account of the death of one of the Council

And then was read also a letter from Mr Rice and Mr Ashe two of the Council of North Carolina dated April 20th 1733 relating to Govr Burrington's proceeding to appoint several new Precincts and thereby making an alteration in the Constitution of the Legislature with their objections to it the Governor's Answer and their reply

Letter from Mr Rice and Mr Ashe dated 20th April 1733 with a copy of their Remonstrance to Govr Burrington his Answer and their reply all relating to the issuing of Warrants for Lands in that Province

The case of Mr Moseley concerning Warrants for lands in North Carolina

The objections of Mr Rice and Mr Ashe against Mr Owen's being admitted of the Council of North Carolina together with their affidavit of Govr Burringtons refusing to suffer their objections to be entered.

Deposition of Mr Montgomerie Atty General of North Carolina relating to several abuses he has suffered from Capt. Burrington.

Letter from Mr Porter one of the Council in North Carolina to the Secry dated 15th August 1733 relating to his suspension from the Council and Office of Judge of the Admiralty Court there by Capt. Burrington.

List of Papers received with Mr Porter's letter

Three depositions of Mr Moseley Montgomerie and Mr Ashe relating to the misbehaviour of Capt. Burrington and to the dispute between him & Mr Porter

Narrative upon oath of Edmund Porter Esqre relating to his complaint against Capt. Burrington.

A Certificate from Mr Rice Secry relating to the denial of Mr Conner Attorny to give his testimony against Mr Burrington and 3 other papers relating to the dispute between Mr Burrington & Mr Porter

Order'd that Mr Johnstone the present Govr of North Carolina be desir'd to attend the Board on Tuesday morning next.

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Wednesday July 24th 1734

Mr Shelton attending acquainted the Board that he had a Warrant from the late Lords Proprietors of Carolina granting him 12,000 acres of land but that the Govr having lately refused to give directions to the Surveyor to set out the said land he desired the Board would please to

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order the Govr to set out the said land The Board upon this acquainted Mr Shelton that the Draft of a Law to settle the Quit rents of the Province upon which in great measure the validity of the Grants from the late Lords Proprietors would depend was now under consideration before the Attorney and Solicitor General and that the Board would take Mr Shelton's Warrant under consideration so soon as the said Draft of an Act should be agreed And in the mean time order'd that a letter should be wrote to the Attorney and Solicitor General to remind them thereof

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Whitehall Tuesday Augt 6th 1734

Mr Johnston attending as he had been desir'd the Board took again into consideration the several letters & papers from Capt. Burrington read at the last meeting and gave Mr Johnston directions upon such parts of them as were not answered.

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Thursday August 8th 1734

Mr Shelton Secry to the late Lords Proprietors of Carolina attending the Board desired he would inform them what he knew concerning the deed of Grant from the said Proprietors to the County of Albemarle in North Carolina 1668 And he said that the Lords Proprs would never consent to that deed nor had ever sign'd & that they had constantly given Instructions to their Governors directly against it. That they had often wrote to their Governors not to grant any land under that pretended deed which supposing it had been sign'd could never be look'd upon any otherwise than as a temporary letter of Attorney from the said Lords Proprietors to their then Governor.

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Wednesday November 6th 1734.

An Order of the Comtee of Council of Nov. 1st 1734 referrg to the Board Mr Shelton's petition & a warrant from the late Lords Proprs granting him a Barony in South Carolina & praying a confirmation of the same was read & directions were given for preparg Dft of a Report in favor thereof—which was sign'd on 19th Nov. 1734