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Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
January 22, 1736 - December 17, 1736
Volume 04, Pages 209-215

-------------------- page 209 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. B. T. Journals. Vol. 46. P. 5.]

Thursday Janry 22nd 173⅚.

Present Earl Fitz-Walter Mr Pelham, Mr Ashe, Sir O. Bridgeman Mr Plum̄er Sir Ar. Croft, Col. Bladen. North Carolina, Capt. Burrington Mr Jenner agent from the Swiss A proposal from him for settling several Swiss families in North Carolina was read—his deputation from the Switzers read—proposes about 6000 to settle there and to carry them over at their own expense—They are to attend again next Thursday.

[Page 8.]

Thursday Janry 29th 173⅚.

North Carolina, Capt. Burrington Mr Jenner Proposals of Mr Jenner read 22d inst to settle 6000 Swiss in North Carolina again consider'd says that after the first ten years they are willing to pay the usual Quit rent of four shillings per 100 Acres. Burrington gives in a description of the tract desired by the Swiss and an account of the charge of laying out land in North Carolina which was read.

To be further considered this day fortnight

[Page 10.]

Friday February 6th 173⅚.

Order of Com. referring McCulloh's petition for two tracts of land amounting to 132,000 Acres was read

To be further considered next Thursday and McCulloh to attend.

[Page 12.]

Thursday February 12th 173⅚.

N. Carolina. Mr McCulloh Mr John Sharpe—presents proposals for making his settlement according to his petition read the 6th inst was read.

Order'd to lay before the Board as good a Draft of the two Tracts he desires as he can possibly get.

Mr Jenner Agent of the Swiss, Mr Ocks Capt. Burrington delivers from the Swiss a Memorial desiring to be settled nearer the Mountains than what is described in their Proposal read 22d ulto was read They do agree to pay four shillings Proclamation Money for every 100 Acres for all the land that shall be taken up.

-------------------- page 210 --------------------

[Page 14.]

Tuesday February 17th 173⅚.

Mr McCulloh, Mr John Sharpe, presents his Draught of the land he petitions for, order'd to be prepar'd the 12th inst. Order'd a copy of McCulloh's petition & of the above Draft be sent to the Governr for his observations

But upon further consideration the Board resolved not to send the petition to the Governor but to reconsider it again next Tuesday.

[Page 17.]

Tuesday February 24th 173⅚.

Ordered that Capt. Burrington and the Swiss who were to attend tomorrow be deferr'd till Tuesday next

[Page 17.]

Tuesday February 24th 173⅚.

Mr. McCulloh's petition read the 6th inst. praying for two Tracts of land again considered, He agrees to pay the Quit rent of four shillings per hundred acres after the first ten years and to pay Quit rent for the whole tract or forfeit the whole

Ordered the Draught of a Report to be prepar'd in favor of the petitioner.

[Page 18.]

Thursday February 26th 173⅚.

Draught of Report upon Mr McCulloh's petition of land order'd to be prepar'd the 24th inst was agreed to—& signed 2d March.

[Page 19.]

Friday February 27th 173⅚.

Capt. Burrington, W. Jenner, Mr Ocks Proposals from W. Jenner for settling 6000 Swiss read 22d Ult. again consider'd.

Ordered that a copy thereof be sent to the Governor of North Carolina for his observations upon it.

Ordered that the seven proposals in Mr. Jenner's above paper be transcribed with such observations as have occurred to the Board thereon in order to be communicated to the Swiss for their Answer.

[Page 20.]

Tuesday March 2nd 173⅚.

Mr Jenner's Proposal for settling the 6000 Swiss mention'd in the minutes of the last Meeting was again consider'd.

-------------------- page 211 --------------------
[Page 26.]

Friday March 12th 173⅚.

Letter from Capt. Burrington about the Swiss Settlement mention'd in the Minutes of the 2d inst. was read.

Memorial from Jenner in behalf of the Swiss in answer to the paper of Observations upon their seven proposals given to Jenner the 2d inst. was read And upon talking with them upon the subject they agreed to the several amendments wrote in the margin in Mr Popple's hand Mr Jenner and Mr Ocks were then desir'd to attend again next Tuesday.

[Page 27.]

Tuesday March 16th 173⅚.

Mr Jenner, Mr Ocks, Capt. Burrington The Board consider Mr. Jenner's Memorial upon the settlement of the 6000 Swiss read at the last Meeting.

Mr Ocks presents to the Board the extract of a letter from Switzerland upon the same subject—was read The letter for inclosing a copy of Jenner's proposal to the Governor of N. Carolina order'd to be prepar'd the 27th ult. was agreed to and order'd to be transcribed.

[Page 31.]

Tuesday March 23rd 173⅚.

Mr Jenner desires the Board will report upon the petition for settling the 6000 Swiss mention'd the 16th inst. And the Board taking his petition mention'd in the Minutes of the 16th inst. into consideration gave directions that Mr Jenner should attend the Board again tomorrow morng.

[Page 32.]

Wednesday March 24th 173⅚.

Mr Jenner Capt Burrington Mr Ocks Upon talking with them concerning the quantity of land to be granted to them they agreed to ask no more than 1000 acres for a gentleman who should keep three men servants and 400 acres only for a common man or peasant & his family

[Page 37.]

Wednesday March 31st 1736.

The Board taking into consideration the Draught of a Report order'd to be prepared upon Mr Jenner's Proposal for settling the 6000 Swiss in North Carolina mentioned in the Minutes of the 24th inst. made a progress therein and order'd that Mr Jenner & Mr Ocks be directed to attend thereupon on Friday morning next.

-------------------- page 212 --------------------
[Page 39.]

Friday April 2nd 1736.

Mr Jenner Mr Ocks These gentlemen being asked what numbers of Foreign Protestants they proposed to carry over to the proposed settlement in North Carolina according to their Proposals mentioned in the Minutes of 31st ulto they said they proposed to carry over thither 6000 people within ten years but that at first they thought that 200 persons were sufficient that there might not be a scarcity of provisions. The Board then took into further consideration the Draft of a Report upon the above Proposals and made a progress therein.

[Page 51.]

Tuesday May 4th 1736.

Petition of Capt. Burrington that the Journals of Council and Assembly whilst he was Governor there may be delivered to him whilst his petition to the King is depending before the Committee of Council was read It is ordered that he may have leave to inspect the said Journals in this Office and make Extracts from them but that they be not delivd to him out of the Office.

[Page 52.]

Wednesday May 5th 1736.

The Board took into consideration the Dft of a Report mention'd in the Minutes of the 2d Ulto upon Mr Jenner's Proposal for settling 600 [6000] Swiss in North Carolina and made a progress therein—and was agreed to May 6th and signed on May 7th

[Page 71.]

Wednesday June 9th 1736.

Order of the Comtee referred to the Board a petition from Mr Crimble desiring to make a settlement of six thousand Foreign Protestants in North Carolina was read—to be further considered.

[Page 92.]

Tuesday June 22nd 1736.

Eight copies of Orders of Council were read, including the following Viz:

Order in Council of 29th April 1736 ordering two tracts of land to be surveyed and laid out for Mr McCulloh in North Carolina of 72,000 and 60,000 acres.

Order in Council of 29th April 1736 approving a Representation of this Board and a Report of the Lords of the Committee of Council in favor of Mr McCulloh's petition for 132,000 acres of land in North Carolina.

Order in Council of 21st May 1736 dismissing Capt. Burrington's petition.

-------------------- page 213 --------------------
[Page 113.]

Wednesday Septr 15th 1736

Order of Com: read 9th June last with Mr Crimble's petition for settling 6000 Foreign Protestants was again read as also Mr Crimble's proposals for carrying on the said settlement now laid before the Board.

Mr Huey, Mr Joseph Sharpe on behalf of Mr Crimble says that there are numbers of Foreign Protestants now ready to go over They present a Map of North Carolina The Board agree to consider further of the proposal at another opportunity

[Page 116.]

Wednesday September 22d 1736.

Letter from Mr Huey with his remarks upon the settlement proposed to be made by him and Mr Crimble mention'd in the Minutes of the 15th inst. and upon the settlement propos'd by Mr Wragg mention'd in the Minutes of the 16th inst. [in So. Carolina] was read And Mr Huey acquainted the Board that he proposed to oblige himself to carry over to his Settlement 6000 persons in 10 years, to allot to each man a tract of about 200 acres and being asked whether he was willing to pay the Quit Rent when it is to commence here in this Kingdom he said there were other gentlemen concerned in his undertaking but with regard to himself it was indifferent to him when he paid it.

The Board then agreed to consider further thereof at another opportunity

[Page 128.]

Thursday October 21st 1736.

Mr Huey desires a day may be appointed for considering his and Mr Crimble's petition for settling some land in North Carolina mentioned in the Minutes of the 22nd Ulto and next Wednesday was appointed for that purpose

Letter from Mr Johnston, Govr of North Carolina dated Decr 5th 1733 was read and the papers therein referred to were laid before the Board.

Order'd that the Acts mention'd in the above letter be sent to Mr Fane for his opinion thereon in point of law.

[Page 130.]

Friday October 22nd 1736.

The Board upon reconsidering that part of the Govr of North Carolina's letter read yesterday which relates to the late Proprietor's seal Ordered that letters should be wrote to Capt. Burrington late Govr of that Province and Mr Shelton Secretary to the late Lords Proprietors to know what was done with the said seal

-------------------- page 214 --------------------

The Secretary likewise laid before the Board the copy of a letter he had received from Capt. Burrington to the Commissrs of the Customs concerning some regulations that may be made in North Carolina for the advantage of the revenue of that Province and the same was read

[Page 133.]

Tuesday October 26th 1736.

Capt. Burrington the late Govr attending as desired the 22d inst. acquainted the Board that when he arrived in that government he took the Proprietors Seal into his possession and not having the King's Seal till some months after he was obliged to use the Proprietors seal at first but when that arrived he transmitted the Proprietors Seal to the Duke of Newcastle one of the King's Secretaries of State

[Page 135.]

Wednesday October 27th 1736.

The Board take again into consideration Mr Crimble's petition for a tract of land in North Carolina read 9th June last and his Proposals read 15th Septr last as also a letter from Mr Huey with his remarks upon Proposals for settling land there read 22d of the same month and a letter from Mr Huey relating to a Proposal for Paying the Quit Rent here was now read The Board after some discourse with Mr Huey and Mr McCulloh who appeared for Mr Crimble agreed to consider further of this petition at another opportunity

[Page 147.]

Tuesday November 9th 1736.

Ordered that the Attorney & Solicitor General be reminded of the letter to them upon the subject of the Laws of North Carolina and of the Blank Patents.

[Page 150.]

Thursday November 11th 1736.

A letter to Mr Johnston Govr of North Carolina in answer to his letter was agreed to and signed

[Page 152.]

Friday November 12th 1736.

The Board taking again into consideration the Order of the Com. referring to the Board a petition from Mr Crimble & Huey for a tract of land read the 9th June last, their Proposals for making the Settlement read 15th Sept. last a letter from Mr Huey upon the same subject read 22d of same month and another letter from him relating to the Quit Rents read 27th Ult. gave directions for preparing the Dft of a Report in favor thereof.

-------------------- page 215 --------------------
[Page 154.]

Tuesday Novr 16th 1736.

The Board take into consideration the Draft of a Report upon the petition of Messrs. Huey & Crimble for land in North Carolina ordered to be prepared the 12th inst. and Mr McCulloh in behalf of Mr Crimble desiring that the Tract to be laid out for the Petrs might be divided in so many tracts as there should be Associates and that each Associate shd answer only for his own Tract, if improved because another Associate had not improved his particular tract Their Lordships directed him to put this additional proposal in writing and lay the same before the Board And in the meantime the Board agreed to postpone the consideration of this affair.

[Page 156.]

Wednesday Novr 17th 1736.

Mr Huey and Mr McCulloh who attended the Board yesterday upon the subject of the petition of Crimble and Huey for land in No. Carolina attending again Mr Huey presented a Memorial which was read containing some proposals for making that settlement And upon some discourse with them upon the subject the following terms were agreed to.

That 12 Tracts of 100,000 Acres each may be set out but not to be at a greater distance from each other than ten miles.

That the Surveyor do lay out the said Tracts and at the same time subdivide them into smaller tracts of 12000 Acres each.

That upon the return of the Surveys they will name to the Governor those who are to have the Grants thereof.

That they will be at the whole charge and pay the Quit Rents at the expiration of ten years from the date of their Grants.

That the said Grants be made by the Governor immediately upon the return of the Surveys.

[Page 157.]

Thursday November 18th 1736.

The Draft of the Report upon the petition of Messrs. Crimble & Huey mentioned in the Minutes of the 16th Inst. desiring to make a settlement of 6,000 Swiss was agreed to & signed 24th.

[Page 188.]

Friday December 17th 1736.

Letter from Mr Johnston Govr of North Carolina dated 15th Octr last with two papers, was read And the Board agreed to consider further thereof And in the meantime Ordered that the Secretary do acknowledge the receipt of Mr Johnston's above letter and acquaint him that Capt Burrington has had no reason to write what he has suggested against Mr Johnston as mentioned in the above letter from any conversation at this Board.