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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
May 09, 1753 - May 12, 1753
Volume 05, Pages 33-34

At a Council held at Wilmington on the 9th day of May 1753
Present the Honourable Mathew Rowan Esqr President
The Honble James Murray Esqr Member
The Honble John Swann Esqr Member
The Honble James Hasell Esqr Member
The Honble Lewis De Rossett Esqr Member

Read the Petition of Mrs. Sarah Allen setting forth that the late Eleazor Allen Esqr by Patent dated 20th day of Febry 1735 was possessed of a Tract of Land on Perdreaux Creek in New Hanr County said to Contain 640 acres, that the Petr apprehends much less land is contained within the Bounds of the said Tract than is Granted by the said Patent that his Majestys Quit rents have been duly paid for the whole 640 acres and praying an Order for a Resurvey so as to have the full Complaint made Up from his Majesties vacant Land adjoining the said Tract Granted the order of a Resurvey.

May the 10th 1753

Present His Honr the President and the same members as yesterday.

James Carter Esqr Having deposed on Oath in Council that sundry persons Under pretence of authority from the surveyor Genl of South Carolina have run out divers Tracts of Land the Property of severall persons on the Waxaw fields and parts adjacent within this Province to the great Disturbance of their Peace and Quiet

Ordered that a proclamation be issued to authorize and Command all officers Civil and Military and all Other his Majesties Liege Subjects within this Province to apprehend every Offender in the Premises and to bring him before the Chief Justice or any of the Associate Justices at Newbern or Wilmington to be dealt with according to law

May the 12th
Present His Honr the President
James Murray Esqr
James Innes Esqr
James Hasell Esqr
Lewis De Rossett Esqr

Read the Petition of John Brown complaining of being insulted confined & abused by Thomas Turnbull Esqr one of His Majesties Justices of the Peace for the County of Bladen and praying such Redress as should seem meet—the Parties were called in, their Evidences Examined and their Council heard and it Appears that Notwithstanding the

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Provocation given by the Complainant the said Magistrate had thro Passion Misbehaved in his office It is therefore the opinion of this Board that the said Mr. Turnbull Ought to be Repremanded and enjoyned to behave with more Temper and Caution for the future and he was call'd in and by his Honr the President reprimanded and Cautioned accordingly.

Read the Petition of George Moore Esqr setting forth that by Patent from the Late Lords Proprietors to the late Roger Moore Esqr the Petr's Father dated the 5th day of August 1727 he (the Petr) now holds a Tract of Land containing 3000 acres in the fork of a Branch of Black River now in Duplin County and not being able to trace the lines of the said Land as Described in the said Patent prays an order to resurvey the same Granted