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Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to Arthur Dobbs
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
May 05, 1755
Volume 05, Pages 401-402

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 2. P. 24.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Governor Dobbs.

May 5th, 1755.


Your Let'r of the 11th Curr't I received. I shall be glad if you can find out a good Channell to help Y'r Navigat'n, w'ch will be of great Service to Y'r Colony. I wrote You the 30th Apr. w'ch [I] hope you rec'd and refer You to it. The Messenger br't me a Letter from Mr. Glen, after detain'g him three Weeks as usual, and truly he might have wrote his Letter the day the Man arrived, for there is nothing essential in it but y't his Assembly was to meet the end of last Mo., when he thinks they will grant 70,000 [£] their Curr'cy for H. M'y's Service, and on such Principles y't he can give his Consent to it. But in the mean Time desires me to send him 3,000 [£] St'g to build a Fort among the Cherokees. I formerly sent him 1,000£, and by a Calculat'n he sent to the B'd of Trade, he says the Charge w'd amo. to 2,500£ St'g; is not their own Colony qualified by their great Riches to answer that

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Sum? however, if I had ten Times the Money sent me from Home, I sh'd have great Occasion for it on the Expedit'n, so y't I think it not very modest in him to desire such a Sum, but surely he is wrong in his Head. I pay Your Messenger 10 Pistoles, w'ch, with w't he had of Glen, I conceive he is well satisfied, if not, write me. I have no News from Engl. since my last, or from the Camp, so y't I cannot write You any Thing material. Y'r Son left y's last Friday; his Compa. went from Hampton to Alexa'a the Tuesday before. I supplied them with Powder and Shott, and w't Cloth'g he may want he will be supplied at Alexa'a, from the Cloth'g I had from Engl. I shall be much obliged if you can send 5 or 600 Beeves to W. Creek the Begin'g or Middle of next Mo., pray send them with careful People, y't they may not be over drove. I depend upon them, and the Forces will want them; the Price I canot ascertain, but You no doubt will make the best Bargain You can, I had 400 last Year under 3£ per Ps's our Curr'cy, and y's Fall they were delivered at the Camp at 2d. per lb. Y'r Ex's

Most ob'd't humble servant.