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Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to Arthur Dobbs
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
June 13, 1755
Volume 05, Pages 407-408

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 2. P. 60.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Governor Dobbs.

June 13th, 1755.


Y'r favo. of 27th May I rec'd a few Days ago. It gave me much Pleasure to hear of Y'r Health after Y'r continued Fatigues for Y'r People and Gov't. I do not hear of any Squadron arrived at Lewisburg. 2,000 People from N. Eng'd embark'd for Nova Scotia in Aprill, y't I believe after they had join'd the Regulars they w'd attack Chegnuto and St. John's, and I am in hopes soon to hear of their Success. The first Division of Gen'l Braddock's Army began their March over the Allegany Mount's the 28th ult'o, and am in hopes all his Forces before y's are on their March. The Ceremony and Formality of march'g regular Forces has retarded their March long, and the large train of Artillery, requiring great numbers of Waggons and Horses, has also been a great Hindrance to their March. However, I soon expect to hear of the Gen'l's being in Possession of the Fort on the Ohio. Pensylvania and M'yl'd still continues obstinate, tho' the Gen'l writes me the former have supplied 150 Waggons. I have great Dependence on Y'r purchas'g Steers, and hope before y's a number are on their way to Willis's Creek, where Colo. Innes is left to com'd. The Colony of So. Car. have at last granted 6,000£ St'r. Mr. Glen has sent the Gen'l 4,000£ in Bills Paya. to himself, w'ch I have forwarded to the Army, where they cannot be negotiated or turn'd into Money. Y's is of a piece with y't Gent's Conduct, for every he c'd contrive to retard the Expedit'n he has gone into; but I am very glad I have nothing to do with their Supply. No doubt the Gen'l will make proper use of y't Money. It will stop his draw'g to me for the equal Sum; but it will not appear as a provincial Supply, as it will be included in his Acc't of Disbursem'ts; whereas I expected they w'd order'd a Co'y of 100 Men to be rais'd, p'd, Cloth'd, &c., out of their Supply. He still keeps 2,000 in his own hands. His

-------------------- page 408 --------------------
Conduct appears to me in every shape unaccountable, and not done with Spirit and Zeal. It will be proper to keep Y'r Co'y to the Westw'd, close on their watch, the Gen'l being inform'd y't if he succeeds in tak'g the Fort, y't the Fr. and their Ind's will march into our Frontiers to oppress and robb our settlers, w'ch you'll please give Directions accordingly. From Engl'd I am inform'd the Fr. propos'd demolish'g Crown Point and all the Forts the back of our Setlem'ts; abandon the Neutre Isl'ds, and leave the Determinat'n of the Boundaries of our Lands on y's Cont't to Comisioners to be hereafter appointed. Our Ministry insisted on two of the Princes of the Blood in France as Hostages for their Performance of every Thing agreeable to the Treaty of Utrich, w'ch they refused, and I verily believe War will be the Consequence. We have seven officers arrived from Engl'd; they are not yet come here; they say they are come to recruit. Pray, can Men be rais'd in Y'r Province? I dread raising them here. They proceed with universal good Spirit in Engl'd in rais'g Seamen, each Seaport giv'g Encouragem't to them, besides y't given by the Crown, and 10,000 Marines are ordered. It gives me Pleasure to hear of the Spirit y't is in general among the People in Britain; wish I c'd say it was the same in these Colonies. Our Assembly adjourned by my Order for three Weeks. They meet in 10 Days: they proposed a farther Vote of £6,000, but am in hopes they will make it £10,000.

I am, with very sincere Respects and in great Truth,
Y'r Ex's most ob'd't h'ble serv't.