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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Arthur Dobbs
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765
August 25, 1755
Volume 05, Pages 419-420

[B. P. R. O. Am: & W. Ind: Vol. 69.]
Letter from Governor Dobbs.


I recd your several Letters of the 25th & 26th Octobr and 4th Novr by Sr John St Clair, and also 2 Letters of the 23d January about the Increase of the Troops and Copies of the Mutiny Bill, as also your favour of the 26 Aprl by Admiral Boscawen, all which Orders I shall chearfully obey. I delay'd acknowledging the former Letters having nothing material to write, and have been above 4 months in different parts of the Province to observe our sea coasts and western Frontier in order to put them in a State of Defense, as far as this poor province can contribute at this Critical Juncture, until I was obliged to return Express upon account of our unfortunate Defeat and Death of General Braddock. I gave directions to erect a Battery and Barrack for the Defence of the Harbour at Ocacock, which is now going on, as We have reason to expect an Immediate War, and as we have no Artillery or Military Stores, we shall have an immediate occasion for Artillery and Bullets and Stores in proportion for this, and Johnston Fort at Cape Fear River below Brunswick, there will be twelve 12 pounders and 8 eighteen pounders wanted for the Battery at Ocacock; and 14 eighteen pounders, and 16 nine pounders, with 30 Swivel and as many Musquetoons for Fort Johnston; with Bullets and stores in Proportion; As we have now laid on a powder Duty we hope in some time to have powder brought in, or bought with it, the vessels having not been 'till lately apprized of the Duty, have not yet brought any in kind; and therefore if his Majesty wou'd give 20 Barrils of Gun powder for present use, it may be of great service, as there is none at present in the Colony. I shall when proper apply to Admiral Boscawen in case any privateers or ships of force appear or shelter near Cape Lookout Harbour on this Coast, which if his Majesty wou'd now be at

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the Expence is absolutely necessary to be fortified for the safety of all the Northern Colonies, and of the British and Colony Trade, of which I wrote fully to the Lords Commissioners of Trade: before I returned from the Frontier I gave Directions to put the frontier in the best State of Defence against the Indian Incursions, by having 100 select men in Readiness to joyn our Frontier Company, and have summoned a Council to meet to consider further of our present Danger, and shall use my best Endeavours to get the Assembly, who meet the twenty fourth September, to exert themselves to the utmost to put a speedy End to the French Schemes, by confining them to their own Limits, and if there shou'd be a War, to expel them from this Continent, without which we can never be safe and easy, if it be agreable at present to His Majestie's views.

I am with great Respect Sir, &c.,

Newbern 25th Augt 1755.