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Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to Arthur Dobbs
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
March 13, 1756
Volume 05, Pages 568-569

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 2. P. 370.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Governor Dobbs.

Mar. 13th, 1756.


I hope y's will meet You safe arriv'd to Newbern and in good Health. Yesterday I rec'd the enclos'd L'rs from G'l Shirley, with a desire to send them imediately to You. I therefore send y's Express with them, as I think they reg'd the Expedit'n. The Gen'l depends on the So'ern Colonies for a No. of Men for the Crown Point Expedit'n. I am sorry to say y't I greatly fear our Assem'y will not grant such Supplies as I c'd wish. They meet the 25th, w'n I shall do all in my Power to convince them of y'r Aid y's Campaign, w'ch probably may determine our fate with the implacable and inhuman Enemy, the French. He has appointed Gov. Sharpe to Com'd the Forces rais'd in these So'ern Colonies, and Mr. Sharpe desires me to write You to Order Y'r Men imediately to F't Cumb'l'd, and I sincerely wish we may have Men sufficient to make a Push ag'st F't Duquesne. If we do not succeed it may be a proper Diversion to prevent the Fr. on the Ohio march'g to the assistance of Niagara. The enclos'd L'r from Mr. Turnbull is, at his request, forwarded to You. He supplied the Forces y't came in here (before Y'r arrival) with Necessaries on y'r March, w'ch I p'd, but some of the Officers

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had some extraordinary Supplies, w'ch rem'n due to him. He greatly depends on Y'r favo. to put him in a Method of being reimburs'd his Advance.

No Ships from England, w'ch keeps us barren of News. C't. Arbuthnott arrived here last Tuesday and bro't in three Prizes he took off Hispaniola. He was inform'd there was a Fr. Frigate of 26 Guns and 220 Men bound to Mississippi touch'd there with a great many Land Off'rs on board. Can they think of reinforc'g Canida with forces from N. Orleans? or do they think we sh'd attack them so far to the So'w'd? or will they make some fresh embroils am'g the Creeks to distress So. Carolina? The L'r to Gov'r Littleton please forward in the most cert'n manner. If you hear of his arrival, I suppose You will write him. I shall be glad to hear if any further assistance may be expected from y't Colony. Ab't three weeks ago I had a L'r from Mr. Watson, of Suffolk, covering an Acc't from one Jno. Giles, am't'g to £24.7., for carrying a Packet for You that came from Eng. last Jan'ry twelve Mos. I remember I sent a Packet for You and the Gov'rs of the So'w'd. I desir'd Mr. Watson to convey it to You. He sent the above Messenger with the Packets, and he says You order'd him to So. Caro. This Co'try will not pay it. It's hard I sh'd pay it, and still worse y't Mr. Watson sh'd suffer for his good Offices. If You remember any Thing about it, pray clear it up. This pres't Messenger I told I w'd pay him for go'g to You and return'g hither. I therefore desire You will give him proper Dispatch, and inform me the Course of Y'r Post, y't these heavy Cha's may be reduc'd. We all join in kind Respects to You, Son and Nephew, and be assur'd I rem'n, with great Reg'd and Esteem,

Y'r Ex's most ob'd't, h'ble serv't.