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Letter from Arthur Dobbs to Hugh Waddell, [Alexander Osborne], and Colonel Alexander
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765
July 18, 1756
Volume 05, Pages 604-605

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

New Bern July 18th 1756.


I am sorry to find by Collonel Osburns Letter as well as by the Letters of Colonels Alexander and Harris and by the two Petitions Deliver'd to me by Captains Green and Moore from the Settlers on Broad River and South Catauba River that there has been Several abuses and robberies committed by Strolling Parties of Indians who won't Discover to what nation they Belong But from all the Circumstances have reason to beleive that they are Cherokee Indians headed by some Fr. Indians and Perhaps two or three Northern Indians the French have Brought with them who have gained some of the Stroling Cherokee Indians to joyn them in Order to commit some Robberies upon the Settlers in order that they may make a Breach and by Killing some of them may fall upon the Settlers and Murder them and so bring on a national war I am also sorry to find that there hath been one of the Cataubas Killed By Perkins Contrary to the Express orders I had Given to bear with ill usage and make a regular Complaint in Order to have Satisfaction Demanded of the Nation who is the aggressor and therefore if you have not made up that to the Satisfaction of the Cataubas and they won't be Content to have him tryed and Punished by the Colony Laws I would Advise you to give up the delinquent to them as it is better that one should Suffer who has done his utmost to bring on a National war than a whole Community should Suffer by his restiness and disobedience and if he has made his Escape do your utmost to apprehend him, upon the Petitions sent to me and to put an end to the fears of the Inhabitants I have given to Captain Green and Moor Each a Commission to Command a Scout to Patrol whilst necessary but to be under Your Command to be called in as soon as you find it

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Safe and Prudent that the Province mayn't be at an Unnecessary Expence in case you can make up matters with the Indians—and I have given Orders to make you or any two of You a Commission as often as Necessary to go and make complaints to the Chief Sachims of the Cherokee and Catauba Nations when any Murders Robberies or Depredations are made by any of their People upon the English and to know whether it is done by their Orders or Allowance and if not to give up the Delinquents if Known or then when not Known that they should give Strict Orders to their Hnnters and warriors not to rob Kill or abuse the English Planters their Bretheren and Destroy their Horses cows Swine or Corn and if they should afterwards do it that the English their Bretheren would be Obliged to repell force with force and in Case they dont own to what Nation they belong that they will be treated as other Indian Nations in alliance with our Enemies the French who are now Spiriting them up to make war against us and Push them on to make these depredations and in case the Kings and Sachems should Justify them that then you must Acquaint the Governor and Council with it who will then be obliged to make war with them and treat them as Enemies which we must do in our Own Defence. I herewith send you what wampum I could procure to give to the Cataubas if they Continue our friends and have Sent Orders to Cape Fear to send up One Hundred weight of Gun powder and four Hundred weight of Lead for their use to Gibsons or Lions Store at Rockfish Creek which if they are friends they may have which you may Send for or let them know of it as you find it proper So I shall recommend it to you to use every Prudent Step to Preserve their friendship and Counteract the French.

I have also told Messrs. Green and Moore that if they will make any fort at their Own Expence to Protect themselves I will recommend them to the Assembly to be reimburst as far as their Expence comes to, and if the Cataubas insist upon having a Fort you may let them know I shall recommend it to the Assembly in Case they Continue Our fast friends.

This is all I can at Present do without calling a Council and Assembly if any thing further happens Extraordinary let me know it by Express that I may Summon a Council upon it.

I am Messrs, &c.,
To Messrs. Waddell, Osburn & Alexander