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Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to Arthur Dobbs
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
July 22, 1756
Volume 05, Pages 606-607

-------------------- page 606 --------------------
[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 2. p. 458.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Governor Dobbs.

July 22nd, 1756.


My last to you was the 28th June, by Ex's, with some Packets from Eng'd. Since y't I rec'd Y'rs of the 10th ult'o, and now hav'g the Opp'ty of Y'r Chief Justice I gladly embrace it in pay'g my Respects to You. I observe You propose send'g 100 steers to the Workmen y't are building a Fort in the Cherokee Co'try, w'ch will be a good Supply. I gave Orders to Lewis, who went with our Men, to be submissive to Mr. Glen, rather than hinder the Building of the Fort. We have been inform'd y't the cherokees have been endeavour'g to take up the Hatchet in favor of the French, but am in hopes after the Treaty with our Com'rs they will not go so contrary to y'r Engagements. I have sent a special Messenger to them to know the Truth thereof, and to call on the Catawbas to know y'r reason for not sending in y'r Warriors agreeable to y'r Promise. I have heard w't You write, y't it was on the instigation and Orders of Mr. Glen, but as Mr. Littleton is now arrived I hope Things will go bett'r from y't q'r. Mr. Glen has always acted contrary to the King's Int't, and has much harrass'd our Affairs with the Cat'a and Chero., and contrary to his promise to our Com'rs at Cha's Town. W't Views he may have by such Conduct is a Secret to every Body but himself. I wish You to build the Catawbas a Fort and supply 'em with w't they want, for I think they are strongly attached to our Int't. I wrote the Chero. about the Robberies comitted by y'r People on y'r return from y's, and desired they w'd enquire into it. In the mean time, it's absolutely necessary to act with great Caution, as You observe it's more than probable they were encouraged by the Fr. to committ those Robberies. I wish you to order Mr. Campbell to send Acc't of the Steers d'd by his Order at Winchester, for a Voucher to me. Last week I had Acc't from N. York y't Gen'l Abercrombie was arrived there with 1,500 Men, and immediately went to Albany, and y't L'd Loudon was daily expected w'th 1,000 more, and it's expected y't he is arriv'd at N. Y., but I have no proper Acc't thereof. War was declar'd in London ag'st Fr. 17th May, but not notified to me in form. The Fr. and y'r Ind's invaded Augusta Co'ty, took a small Stockade F't, and put some People y't were in it to the Sword, and burnt the F't. I have order'd out a No. of the Militia to assist y't Co'ty, but I apprehend we shall always be harrass'd with fly'g Parties of these Banditti unless we form an Expedit'n ag'st

-------------------- page 607 --------------------
them, to attack 'em in y'r Towns, and to drive 'em from the Ohio, w'ch I have fully wrote to L'd Loudon ab't, desiring his Assistance, with some Engineers and Artillery. I wait patiently for his answer. We all join in kind Respects to you and Nephew, and I sincerely am,

Y'r Ex's most ob'd't h'ble Serv't.