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Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to Arthur Dobbs
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
September 02, 1756
Volume 05, Pages 609-610

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 2. p. 494.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Governor Dobbs.

September 2nd, 1756.


Last night the enclos'd came under a Packet to me. You'l, in y'r L're from L'd Loudon, have the disagreeable News of Oswego being taken by the Enemy. Our Vessels on Lake Ontario and the Train of Artillery, that was lodged in that Fortress, and there is reason to think that the Enemy'l come down the Ohio and invade the So'thern Colonies, and I think we are in a very poor Condition to repell their Force. I have sent for the Councill to consider w't's to be done in this Emergency. L'd Loudoun writes for recruiting Men here for the Royal Americans; I shall do all in my Power, but I dread the Success thereof. 2 Days ago a Vessell from Barbadoes brings the agreeable News that Admiral Boscawen fell in with the Breast fleet, took 4 of their Capital ships, sunk 2, took 16 transports, and was in Chace of the rest. From the several Circumstances attending this report, I am of Opinion it's true, and from the No'w'd generally believ'd that Adm'l Bying defeated the french fleet in the Mediterranean. I have no account of the Provincials and Regulars that were march'd ag'st Crown Point, but the Enemy hav'g the sole Com'd of Lake Ontario is a Circumstance much ag'st us. I must desire

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the favo. of Yo. to send the L'rs to the So'ern Gov'rs with all possible Dispatch, as I presume they are to put 'em on y'r Guard on Y'r Western frontiers. I have no Particulars of the Oswego Affair, but from L'd Loudoun's L're I aprehend it's very bad. We've built a Fort in the Cherokee Country without any Assist'ce from Mr. Glen. They promis me 150 of their War'rs to our Assist'ce, and I am, accord'gly, provid'g Necessaries for 'em. I shall be glad to send Yo. better News from the No'w'd; and I rem'n, with great Respect,

Y'r Ex'cy's most h'ble serv't.

P. S.—Please write Gov. Littleton to use his Influence w'th the Catawbas and Cherokees to send us a handsome No. of Y'r War'rs to our Assist'ce. If y's Express to So. Carolina sh'd bring any L'rs for me, pray forw'd 'em w'th all possible Expedition.