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Order of the Privy Council of Great Britain concerning Henry McCulloh's land grants in North Carolina
Great Britain. Privy Council
October 13, 1756
Volume 05, Pages 628-629

Order of His Majesty in Council.

At the Court at Kensington the 13th October 1756.

Present The King's most Excellent Majesty in Council

Whereas Henry McCulloh Esqre hath by Petition to his Majesty at this Board humbly prayed, amongst other things, that in Consideration of his great sufferings and the obstructions which have been given him by the war in America, he may be at liberty to carry on the Settlement of such Lands as he and his Associates are entitled to in the Province of North Carolina, until the 25th of March 1760, at which time the Petitioner will surrender to his Majesty all the Lands which have been granted to him or his Associates within his Majestys Dominion in the Province of North Carolina that are not then settled in the proportion of one white person for every two hundred acres contained in the said Grants, And whereas the Lords of the Committee of His Matys most Honble Privy Council to whose Consideration his Maty thought proper to refer the said Petition have this day reported to his Majesty at this Board that they have consulted the Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations thereupon, & that it appeared the term of ten years, at the end of which the Petitioner is by the Conditions of his Grants to surrender to his Maty all such parts of his Lands as shall not then be settled in the proportion of one white person for every two hundred acres will expire in March next, & that the Govr of No Carolina is by the 84th Article of his Instructions directed to examine into the state of the said Lands at the Expiration of the said Term & to seize and take possession of all such parts of them as shall not at that time be so settled; but as the many difficulties & hardships which the Petr hath undergone, the state of hostility in which America hath so long been & the war in which it is now engaged must have greatly obstructed the Petr & his associates in

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the prosecution of their Settlements, the indulgence of three years longer appeared to be a reasonable request, & therefore proposed that his Matys Govr of North Carolina might be directed to defer the Execution of the said Article of his Instructions till after the 25th of March 1760—His Majesty taking the said report into consideration is pleased with the advice of his Privy Council to approve thereof, and accordingly to order as it is hereby ordered, that the Govr or Commander in Chief of his Matys Province of North Carolina do defer carrying it into Execution the said eighty fourth Article of his Instructions relative to the said Land till after the 25th March 1760.

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